Monday, 7 July 2014

Shop Racking at Shelving4Shops

Available in a variety of heights and depths, our shop racking gives you the opportunity to display a large range of products for retail stores. You can always be assured that our shop racking will last. Made from heavy duty powder-coated steel, our shop racking is strong and durable, making it the ultimate necessity for your store. 

All of our shelving units are freestanding, meaning there’s no need for nuts, bolts or wall fixings. We understand that it’s important to keep your store looking fresh and updated, which is why all of our shop racking units have interchangeable components. This makes it easier for you to create your ideal shelving configuration. You can be assured that your products will be displayed in a professional and appropriate manner, whilst providing support for even the most heaviest items.

It’s important to know what shop racking is best suited for your store. A standard 1400mm high gondola, or a larger 2400mm gondola racking unit is more commonly used in larger supermarkets and outlets, whereas smaller sized units are more typically used for convenience and corner stores. It can be hard to decide the amount of depth your shelving units need, especially if the amount of merchandise varies from time to time. The standard depth range on a shelf is 200mm to 570mm. All shelves can be configured from 45 to 90 degree angles, allowing you to tilt shelves to display confectionary more easily. 

For more information, please call the Shelving4Shops team on 01455 221512 

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