Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Keep Your Retail Shelving Displays Interesting

Keeping your retail shelving displays appealing and interesting can help drive customers into your store and boost sales of popular, promotional and end-of-line products. The arrangement of both your shelving units and your products can have an affect on your overall revenue, especially during holiday season when placement really counts.

retail shelving

There are five main areas of shelving display that you need to be aware of when arranging your store:

1) Window Displays: Your window display is the first thing customers see as they walk past or into your shop. Keep your window shelving updated and intriguing with seasonal goods, bright signage and popular items;

2) Core Stock Display: This is where you display your most popular items - the products that your customers are probably specifically coming in to buy. Keeping these items in the same place helps customers find what they need quickly and easily, and these shelves must always be well-stocked, neat and tidy;

end bay shop shelving

3) Promotional Bays: End bays, corner bays and promotional bays can be used to stock special items, promotional products and end-of-line stock that you want to draw attention to. Use signage and clever arrangements to give these areas impact;

4) Sale Shelving Areas: If you always place sale items in the same shelving units, customers will know where to look when they want a good deal. Mix in other promotional products to encourage extra purchases and customers will automatically assume they're saving money;

5) Counter Displays: Placing certain goods on the counter or in a line of dump bins where your customers queue can increase impulse buys and boost your sales, especially if you display seasonal products like Christmas chocolates or greetings cards.

Moving your shelving around or changing the configuration of your store by adding pegboard shelving, magazine racking or extra shelves can help to give the appearance of newness in your shop and provide a sense of novelty to customers, encouraging them to see products they might have otherwise walked past.

All in all, your shelving arrangement is dependent on the space you have available and the products you stock - and if you need help deciding on the right kind of shelving for your store, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops and we'll be happy to advise you. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Shop Shelves and Accessories Ready for Christmas!

In the run up to Christmas, you might want to think about sprucing up your store with additional shop shelves and accessories to ensure that you have enough display space for extra seasonal stock. Shop shelving units come in many different styles and sizes to suit a variety of settings, and can be adapted according to your particular needs or the stock you need to display. We have a great range of shop shelves for sale online or from our Leicestershire showroom, and our retail experts can even help you to design the perfect floor plan for your store.

shop shelves and accesories

Changing the configuration of your shop shelves and display units can be a simple way to refresh your store and provide a bit of novelty to encourage impulse buys. There are several ways to achieve this that won't cost you much to do, including:

  • Swapping the backing of your wall shelving or gondola units with pegboard to provide display space for a broader range of products, including awkwardly-shaped items that would look best hanging from hooks;
  • Adding extra shelves to existing shelving units to offer extra shelving space;
  • Segregating and organising products with shelf risers and dividers to help your shop shelving look neat and ordered;
  • Adding dump bins or stacking wire baskets to empty corners or areas of your shop for easily moveable displays. You can also line up dump bins in front of the counter to create a queuing area and grab a few extra spontaneous buys while customers wait to be served;
  • Update shelving units or change the arrangement of your shop shelving for a more efficient configuration, creating better traffic flow around your store;
  • Think vertical and add extra shelving above existing wall shelves to draw the eye upwards and display seasonal items;
  • Refresh your window displays and counter displays to reflect the festive season and showcase special products.
For a full range of shop shelving and accessories to help you get sorted for Christmas, visit www.shelving4shops.co.uk or come and browse at our Leicestershire shelving showroom!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Use Shop Shelving Techniques to Increase Sales

Did you know that your shop layout and the way you stack your shelves can have an effect on your sales? It's common sense that keeping your store tidy and clean is a good first step in appealing to customers, but the actual configuration of your shop shelving plays an important part in how your customers move around your shop, and can even encourage customers to make more spontaneous purchases. At Shelving 4 Shops we're experts in shelving, with over 15 years' experience in the retail industry. Here are our top tips on using shop shelving to increase your sales and improve the layout of your store:

magazine shelving
  • Plan your store carefully to maximise space and make shopping efficient and easy for customers. If you need help, the team at Shelving4Shops will be happy to take a look at your floor plans and give you some tips!
  • Organise your shelving so that there's a natural flow around the store and customers can easily find related items close by. Positioning your chiller or refrigerated shelving unit at the very back of your store ensures that customers will pass the majority of your stock on their way to pick up a cold drink, increasing the likelihood that they'll also choose another product on their way to the counter;
  • Gondola shelving allows you to create aisles and maximise space in your store by stocking products on both sides of the unit. Join several gondola units together to form a run and cap with end bays for a neat look;
  • Make the most of adjustable shelf heights and interchangable shelf backing to make your shelving suit your products. Never try to cram stock into the wrong sized shelf - it will damage goods and look messy. Flexible and adaptable shelving allows you to make your shelving suit your products perfectly;
refrigerated shop shelving
  • Place popular or premium items at eye-level to maximise sales. Adding vertical height to your shelving also draws the eye upwards and provides extra display space;
  • Reposition your shelving to display promotional items clearly and increase spontaneous sales. Use end bays, corner shelving units and dump bins to prominently display popular items that customers will be most likely to grab on their way round;
  • Open up your shop with the right shelving plan. Choose units with a depth that suits your floor space rather than going for the largest shelving unit you can fit in the store. It's better to have a store that is easy to browse and looks as spacious as possible;
  • Change your displays to reflect the latest offers, public holidays, seasons and to show off new stock. Keeping your store looking fresh and new can encourage regular customers to make extra purchases;
  • Don't forget about the little details like Epos ticket strips, shelf dividers, shelf risers, dump bins, shopping baskets, wire stacking shelves and other shelving accessories!

Making small changes to your store can make a big difference to your sales. For more advice on organising your store shelving and to browse our huge range of shelving and accessories, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops or visit our Leicestershire showroom.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Service with a smile and so much more!

gondola shelving

We all know that service with a smile is one of things that keep people coming back a store.  Here at Shelving4Shops we believe in providing a great service, not only with a smile but also served with great rates, too.

shop shelvingWe offer fantastic value on shopshelving as well as a design and plan service to enable you to get an expert opinion from our experienced team. If you have an awkwardly-shaped store, simply bring along a basic floor plan (including measurements and the position of any doors, windows and pillars) and we'll help you to come up with a shop shelving solution. We now offer a refrigeration service as well, so if you need chillers and freezers added into your plan, let us know!

If you are looking to refit your store but need to spread the payments, you can take advantage of our finance option (minimum spend required) which allows you to get everything you need to start trading in a freshly revamped store.

Taking advantage of Shelving4Shops' expertise is a great way to get the best out of your shop shelving. If you prefer, you're more than welcome to order over the phone or online, but sometimes there's nothing like seeing the products for real at our showroom where you can look over the quality and versatility of our shelving options. You can even use our baked bean cans and wine bottle props to visualise your shelving fully stocked! The Shelving4shops showroom is open 6 days a week and our customers are always provided with a warm welcome. Whether you spend £10 or £10,000 you will always get a great service.

Why not come and test our 'service with a smile' promise? Visit our Leicestershire showroom and take a look at our range of gondola shelving, wall shelving, shop counters, cashregisters, wire dump bins and shop shelving accessories.

shop fitting accessories

Friday, 22 November 2013

Save Money with Retail Shelving and Technology

For convenience retailers, it's really worth investing in high quality equipment, shopfittings and shop shelving to make the most from your business. And if you need an extra way to cut costs for your retail business? Technology and energy-efficient appliances can help to reduce the price of utility bills and help your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

Firstly, choosing reliable and durable shelving units is always the best option for any retail store. Wall shelving provides stable displays for your core products and maximises the space in your store. Gondola shelving allows you to create aisles within your store space and provides you with double-sided shelving to stock a wider variety of products. Adjustable shelves mean that you can adapt your shelving configuration according to your needs, and with long-lasting units, you will be able to use the same shelving for years, simply changing your layout and adding extra accessories as required.

refrigerated shelving

Energy-saving equipment like LED lighting or high-rated refrigerated shelving can also help you to save a bit of cash on your day-to-day bills. At Shelving4Shops we source refrigeration units from Fridge Freezer Direct, the UK's premier commercial refrigeration specialists, offering you excellent quality items at competitive prices. Saving money on your energy bills with efficient equipment like this means that you will soon start to see the benefits, especially since refrigerated shelving brings in extra custom to your store, allowing you to stock fresh, chilled and frozen goods.

Using a top performing electronic cash register can also make life simpler for you in store, helping you to work more efficiently, keep on top of accounts and transactions and provide your customers with great service.

electronic cash register

For shop shelving, accessories, shopfittings, shop counters and cash registers, visit the Shelving4Shops Leicestershire showroom, browse online, or call us on 01455 221512 to talk about your retail shelving requirements.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Secrets of Successful Shop Shelving

Running a successful store is all about your customer experience and the efficiency of your shop layout and shelving. Shelving 4 Shops has over 15 years' experience in the retail shelving industry and we're here to help you find the best configuration of shop shelving for your individual requirements. That includes wall shelving, gondola shelving, pegboard shelving, shelving accessories, shop counters, tills and shopping baskets!

gondola shop shelving

But the secret of successful shop shelving really comes down to creating a welcoming atmosphere and an easy layout to your store. Here are a few tips on making your retail shelving work for you to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction:

  • Categorise and organise your shelving well - make it easy for customers to find different products and related items;
  • If you have space, add in refrigerated shelving for fresh, chilled and frozen produce
  • keep your store bright, clean and inviting;
  • Make your store design inspiring and consistent - use colour schemes and promotional material to tie it all together;
  • Adjust your shelving to suit your products - change the height, backing and angle of shelves according to the items you need to display;
  • Vary your shelving with gondola shelving, wall shelving, peg board shelving, magazine racking, refrigerated shelving, dump bins and wire stacking baskets;
  • Create a personalised experience for customers - really get to know what your customers want and anticipate their needs;
  • Broaden your stock and text out new products to see how they perform;
  • Stay friendly and cheerful! Customers always have a better experience when staff are welcoming and polite.
shopping baskets

For more tips on shop shelving, visit our website at www.shelving4shops.co.uk or come and chat to us at our Leicestershire shelving showroom. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Free Shop Shelving Planning Service

If you're starting out in the retail industry and planning a new store, or simply looking for a new way to configure an existing shop, the experts at Shelving 4 Shops are on hand to help you put together the perfect store plan. 

gondola shop shelving

We have over 15 years' experience in the retail shelving sector and we can help you to work out the best way of arranging your store shelving to maximise the efficiency of your store. All you need to do is draw out a basic floor plan, marking down the dimensions of the room, the position of any doors, windows, existing shelving, counters and electrical outlets. Then feel free to email your plan to sales@shelving4shops.co.uk or bring it into our Leicestershire showroom to speak to one of the team.

First of all we'll look at the space you have available and the type of shelving units that will best suit your store and your products. We can help you choose from new shelving units or used shelving equipment according to your budget, and show you how different widths and styles of shelving work with different stock. At Shelving4Shops we offer a great range of shelving options, including:

used shop shelving

If you're looking to make some small changes then we're able to match your existing shop shelving or provide you with used shelving units that work with your store layout. And, of course if you're planning a complete new store fit-out then we have a great choice of new and used shop shelving at our Leicestershire showroom for you to browse. Let us help you organise your store shelving in the most efficient way possible. Give us a call on 01455 221512 or email sales at shelving4shops.co.uk to get in touch - or visit our website at www.shelving4shops.co.uk.

Gondola Shelving for Warehouses

Gondola shelving isn't just for the front of your store - this versatile type of shop shelving works brilliantly behind the scenes for storerooms and warehouses, too! Gondola shelving units are durable and hard wearing - ideal for long term use for storing stock, whether it's on display or out the back of your store.

gondola shelving

Shop racking and wire shelving are often used in storerooms and warehouses but wall shelving and gondola shelving work just as well - if not better - at providing heavy duty storage for products. Using gondola shelving brings many benefits to warehouse storage, for example:

  • Connect several units together to form a run or line of shelving
  • Reliable and versatile shelving with adjustable height shelves
  • Tiltable shelves for easy access
  • Insert Epos ticket strips so it's easy to find stock
  • Add end bays for additional storage
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Use the large base shelf to store heavy and oversized goods
  • Easy to stock and remove products
  • Available in different heights and depths to suit your storage space
  • Sort products with shelf risers and dividers
  • Can be re-used in the front of your store as required
used gondola shelving

Gondola shelving is perfect for a number of different shop shelving requirements, whether it's at the front of your store of behind the scenes in your warehouse. This reliable shelving comes in heights of 1.2m to 2.1m and depths of 300mm to 570mm and can be joined with other shelving units to accommodate any size shop or storeroom. At Shelving4Shops we also stock wall shelving, pegboard shelving, dump bins, magazine racking, and a variety of shelving accessories so you can fit out your store as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. If you're in need of used gondola shelving, please get in touch with us at www.shelving4shops.co.uk or call 01455 221512.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

We Buy (and Sell) Used Shop Shelving!

Did you know that Shelving4Shops will come and dismantle and purchase your used retail shelving? If you have used shop shelving, supermarket shelving or convenience store shelving that you're looking to update, let us know and we'll come and take a look to see if we're able to take it off your hands! The Shelving4Shops team are experts in retail shelving and we understand the need for retailers to keep shelving costs down. If you're refitting your store or updating old shelving, don't just throw your old units away - you might be able to make a bit of cash by selling it on to us before you choose your new shelving. We'll even help you plan your new store layout...

used retail shelving

Our shelving specialists are able to remove shop shelving from stores of all sizes - whether you have a little local corner shop or a 30,000 square foot supermarket! Just get in touch and tell us about your situation and we'll give you a quote for disassembly and removal. We work with tight budgets and short schedules so no job is too big or small or quick or complicated! 

On the other hand, if you're looking to buy used shop shelving you can really save yourself some money and make refitting or updating your store a simple operation. The main thing to consider when buying used shelving is how best you can organise your shelving configuration in your store space. The width and depth of your shelving can dictate how easy it is for customers to move around your store, while the height will affect the visibility around your store for your visitors and your staff. A decent store plan will help you to work out where best to place your counter, refrigerated units, gondola shelving and wall shelving, and we'll be happy to help you put a layout together. 

used shop shelving

Visit our Leicestershire shelving showroom or call us on 01455 221512 to see what used shelving we have in stock and to talk about how we can help you find the best units for your store, or to discuss arrangements for us to come and pick up your used shelving for sale.

Convenience Store Shelving

For convenience store owners, space is always at a premium, and the type of shop racking you choose can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your store. It's important to plan your store layout carefully, including shop shelving and racking, shelving accessories, shop counters and refrigerated shelving units. Every little detail matters when you're working with a smaller space, and, since convenience stores generally stock a wider range of goods than other shops, you'll need shelving that can easily accommodate a variety of products.
wall shop shelving

Your first stop is wall shelving - the backbone of any convenience store, and the shelving that will be displaying the majority of your products. Wall shelving - as the name suggests - is assembled along a wall, with a number of units joined together to make a 'run'. Wall shelving backing can be adapted to suit the type of products you stock, for example: pegboard shelving for hanging items off hooks, magazine racking for paper goods, or adjustable standard shelving for packets, bottles and tins. Wall shelving also has a sturdy base shelf for stocking heavier, larger items, or stacking newspapers. 
Next on the list is gondola shelving - double-sided free-standing shelving units that can be joined together to form aisles either side. These units are perfect for shaping your store and creating a 'flow' for your shop traffic. The obvious benefit of gondola shelving is that you can stock twice as many products because you have shelving on both sides of the unit. Gondola shelving can also be adjusted to different heights and interchanged with different backing according to your stock.
shop shelving accessories

In addition to standard shelving units, you might want to consider investing in a chiller or freezer for fresh and frozen goods. Refrigerated shelving can really boost your sales for quick-grab items like drinks, sandwiches, ice creams and convenience meals. And finally, shelving accessories like risers, epos strips and dividers can help to organise your shelves and keep your shop looking neat and tidy. Temporary and free-standing shelving such as dump bins and wire stacking baskets are ideal for filling awkward spaces and corners or for creating a queuing space near the counter, and can stock promotional items, end-of-line stock or products that are difficult to stack on a shelf. 
We stock a huge range of shelving and accessories at Shelving4Shops and can help you create your convenience store from start to finish, from planning your store layout all the way to delivering and assembling your shelving units! Visit our website at www.shelving4shops.co.uk or visit our Leicestershire showroom to see the massive variety of shelving available. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Using Gondola Shelving to Create Displays and Promotions

Gondola shelving is a great way to create displays for your store, whether you have seasonal stock, promotional items or end-of-line products you're hoping to shift quickly. Gondolas can be used in various ways to display and organise your stock, and gondola end bays are the perfect way to highlight certain products in a prominent position in your store.

Gondola shelving is a popular choice for stores of all sizes, and offers a versatile method of displaying your stock at different heights. Gondola shelves are adjustable so you can make the space between each shelf as large or as small as you need to, enabling you to stock a number of different items on the same unit. Gondola shelves can also tilt for displaying certain items - this can be great to encourage customers to grab a spontaneous buy as they pass, or for stocking magazines, paper goods, fresh produce and more.

gondola shop shelving

It's always a good idea to organise your shelves using shelf risers and dividers so that different products stay separate and can be stacked neatly. Experiment with vertical and horizontal stacking to see which looks more aesthetically pleasing, and consider adding baskets or storage boxes to shelves for an attractive appearance and a neat method of organisation.

Epos ticket strips, pricing and signage need to be neat and preferably colour coordinated to help customers find what they need easily and quickly. Draw attention to special offers and promotions with bright signs and posters - gondola end bays are a great place to put special offers so that they're easily accessible.

gondola shop shelving

Our gondola shelving comes in four heights : 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m and 2.1m, and in a choice of different depths ranging from 300mm and 570mm to suit your shop space, with low and high end bays to match. Get in touch with one of the Shelving4Shops team for more information on how to use gondola shelving in your store

Maintaining Your Shop Shelving

The maintenance of your store is just as important as the original fitout. Keeping your shelving neat and tidy and clean is an essential part of running your retail operation and ensures that your customers have a great first impression of your shop. Once you've chosen and fitted your shop shelving - from gondola shelving to wall shelving, dump bins to magazine racking - your next port of call is to purchase a range of shop shelving accessories that will keep your store looking great.

Shelving accessories include shelf risers and dividers, Epos ticket strips, spare shelves, end finisher legs, dump bins, wire stacking baskets, shopping baskets and any other product that helps your daily operations go smoothly. All these items offer a cost-effective way of maintaining your shop and organise your products for easy browsing. Sometimes time is limited when you're trying to run a busy shop, and maintenance might be low on your to-do list but it's important to make regular cleaning and tidying a part of your daily and weekly routine. 

Here are a few things you should have on your maintenance checklist for your store:

  • Replacing cracked and faded Epos strips
  • Neatening products in individual shelves 
  • Sweeping under and around shelving
  • Dusting and wiping down shelves 
  • Checking lighting and electrical goods
  • Cleaning and checking refrigerated units
  • Stacking shelves and organising products
  • Changing window displays and end bays
  • Restocking dump bins with promotional or end-of-line products
  • Posting up special offer signs and posters
  • Neatening and cleaning your shop counter
  • Ensuring aisles are clear and easy to move around (especially for wheelchairs and pushchairs)
  • Checking the condition (and smell!) of fresh products

Keeping a tidy and fresh store makes a great impression on customers and is an important part of running a store. If you find it hard to maintain your store, you might need to think about reorganising your shelving configuration - if you want advice and tips on the different types of  shop shelving available please get in touch with us at www.shelving4shops.co.uk

Extra Shop Shelving for Displaying Christmas Stock

Christmas is coming! The next few months are always a busy time for retailers but you can make the most of the holiday period by thinking carefully about your shop shelving configuration and the way you display your goods. You could really boost your Christmas sales with a few small changes to your store!

Christmas shop shelving

One of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your store is by filling all the awkward empty spaces with extra shelving like dump bins and stacking wire baskets. These lightweight temporary shelving accessories make the very best of your store space and maximise the amount of products you can display. Line up dump bins by your counter to create a handy queuing area with plenty of room for stocking promotional and seasonal items. Stacking wire baskets are perfect for fresh produce or products that are difficult to stack on a standard shelf. 

retail shop shelving

For wall shelving and gondola shelving, little additions can make a big difference to the efficiency of your store, such as end bays, corner shelving units and promotional bays to cap off each run. These provide extra shelving space with a big impact, especially when they face the front doors and will be the first thing visitors see. 

Getting some new signage and Epos strips is an easy and cheap way of sprucing up your store in time for Christmas to, along with some festive decorations and a bit of tinsel! And don't forget shelving and shop shelving accessories like coloured shopping baskets to make your store as inviting and easy-to-use as possible.

If you need some extra shop shelving or retail advice in the run up to Christmas please get in touch with us at Shelving 4 Shops and we'll be happy to give you some extra tips!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Shop shelving for your winter goods

Shelving4shops offers versatile shop shelving for every season. Winter is heading our way which means shop-keepers across the country are getting ready to show off their winter warmers, whether they are selling hats and gloves, flasks or cold remedies we have a solution to suit your needs.

Peg boards are a great way to sell small items like hats and gloves bagged sweets or batteries. These are easily installed and can be used as part of an end promotional, gondola or wall bay or you can simply change your existing plain back panels for peg board. You can still use a shelf with a peg board back panel so they truly are a versatile product.

Peg Board Display Unit 

Wire Dump Bins 
You can also place wire dump bins by the counter to maximise on the ‘waiting in the queue sales’.

There are several options for maximising small spaces, retail space is expensive so you need to make the best of the space available, here are just a few options below .

5 Tier Wire Basket Unit 
3 Tier Basket Unit 

Wire Stacking baskets/Crisp Baskets 

Cold remedies and other medicines are often kept behind the counter in smaller convenience stores, using our wall fixed uprights (U Channel) and a small 200mm shelf we can offer a solution that involves very little space being taken up. The wall fixed uprights are easy to install and if you like you can also install some peg board back panels to give you an extra display space.

All of the above accompany our wall and gondola shelving. Our wall and gondola bays are easy to install and you can add additional bays to them at any time. They are compatible with 50mm pitch systems and are a great way to display almost any product you have to sell. With a choice of epos colour, shelf size, height and width you can customise your shelving to suit your needs.

Wall Bay

Gondola Bay

Shop shelving

Peg Board Gondola Bays 

Why not give Shelving4shops a call on 01455 221512 or email us at sales at shelving4shops.co.uk to see what we can offer you so you can maximise sales over the winter months.

You can also visit our showroom open 6 days a week at The Asfare Business Park, Wolvey, LE10 3JG.

www.shelving4shops.co.uk for all of your shop shelving needs.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Shop Shelving FAQs

At Shelving4Shops we work with a lot of new business owners as well as some seasoned professionals, and the same questions pop up a lot when they're searching for the perfect shop shelving for their store. We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions here for your perusal in case you're planning a new store or a shop refit and are in need of a bit of help with your shop shelving... And if your question isn't mentioned below feel free to give us a call on 01455 221512 or email sales@shelving4shops.co.uk and we'll be happy to have a chat with you about your plans!
shop shelving

Q: Can I see the shelving in person or do I have to order online/over the phone?
A: We have a showroom in Leicestershire stocking our huge range of shop shelving for you to browse at your leisure - we definitely encourage you to come along and have a look if you're in the area as seeing the units in situ really helps to visualise them in your space. 
Q: Do you sell used shop shelving?
A: Yes we do! Obviously our stock will vary according to what we have in but we always have second hand shelving available. If we don't have what you need in stock we will do our best to source it for you, or match any existing shelving units as perfectly as possible.
Q: What kind of shop shelving do you stock?
A: We offer wall shelving, gondola shelving, pegboard shelving, magazine racking, corner shelving units, refrigerated shelving (chillers and freezers), shop counters, electronic tills, shelving accessories, shopping baskets, wire stacking shelving and dump bins! Come and see our showroom to see the full range, or visit www.shelving4shops.co.uk to find out more about each type of shelving. 
Q: I need help planning my store - will you advise me?
A: Absolutely. Our team of shelving experts are happy to sit down with customers and work out the best configuration of shop shelving for your space and budget. Just bring along a floor plan to the showroom or email one to us and we'll have a look for you.
Q: Do the units break down or are they sold in one piece?
A: All our shop shelving units can be disassembled into smaller components so that the are easy to transport. If you need help getting your units back to your store we can help with delivery too.
Q: And will you help me assemble my shelving when we get there?
A: Of course! So long as you make us a cuppa first...
Q: I'm not sure what I need - can you help me decide and give me a price quote?
A: We're happy to talk over your shelving requirements on the phone, via email or in person - all we need is an idea of the space you have available and the type of products and shelving you're thinking of having.
Q: We just need a couple of extra units. Can you match the shop shelving system we already have? 
A: We have extensive knowledge of the different shelving brands available and we can certainly help you find the right system to match your existing units. If not, we'll be able to find something that is compatible!
Q: Is VAT included in the price?
A: VAT will be added to the final price at the checkout at the standard UK rate.
We hope we've answered some of your questions - if you have anything else to ask then please come and see us soon at our showroom or give us a call!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Seasonal Shop Shelving Ideas

Take advantage of seasonal changes to bring interest to your shop shelving displays and boost promotional sales of seasonal items in your store. It's almost October which means Halloween is just around the corner, closely followed by Christmas! This year has sped past but there's still time to prepare for the busy holiday period, and it's important to make the most of your shelving displays when it comes to seasonal products.

seasonal shop shelving displays

Use themed products and decorations according to the season or holiday and make an effort to make your store appealing and enter into the spirit of the celebration! Group related products together so it's easy for customers to find seasonal goods, or set up a particular area of the store with themed items and clear signage. Don't forget to add promotional material and products to your window display to show customers what you have in stock for the holidays. Here are a few ways to use seasonal shop shelving displays to increase sales during the autumn and winter months:


Give your customers a spooky experience in store for October by decorating with fake cobwebs, spiders, cardboard cut-outs of witches and monsters. You could even dress up on the 31st and stay open late to provide customers with last-minute sweet supplies, or give out free treats to visiting children! Themed stock might include:

  • Sweets and treats
  • Costumes
  • Spooky decorations
  • Toffee apples
  • Halloween themed cakes and produce
  • Popcorn
  • Sparklers and fireworks
  • Glow sticks


Get into Christmas with carols and music, a Santa hat and cheerful staff! Start preparing for Christmas stock months in advance and set aside certain areas of shop shelving for seasonal products. Think about what customers will be looking for in your store to help them get ready for the Christmas period and add in extra products in temporary dump bins around the shop. If you need extra shelving, think about adding end bays, corner shelving units or wire stacking baskets wherever you have space. If you don't already have shopping baskets for customers, place a stack at the entrance to your store to encourage shoppers to pick up extra items as they browse. Ideas for Christmas related shelving and products include:

  • Wrapping paper, cards and sticky tape in dump bins at the tills
  • Stocking fillers
  • Lowering the price on surplus stock for cheap presents/supplies
  • Christmas decorations
  • Seasonal food and drink
  • Kits for making mulled wine, Christmas cake etc
  • Dressing up clothes eg: Santa hats
  • Christmas crackers
  • Toys, books and gifts
Get your store ready for the holiday period and think about how to rearrange and restock your shop shelving to make the most out of seasonal products and promotions!

Friday, 4 October 2013

New Cadbury's TV Ad - What a Lovely Gondola You've Got There...

A gondola shelving bay from Shelving4Shops takes pride of place in the new Cadbury's television advert, helping to set the scene and display all that lovely chocolate perfectly. Unwrap a winning packet and you can win the chocolate bar's weight in gold!

The advert features a range of other shop shelving units, including wall bays, magazine racks, shelf risers and other shelving accessories to create a functional and attractive scene for any store. We haven't let all this fame go to our heads, though - we still offer our huge range of shop shelving, shop racking and shelving accessories to retail stores across the country, and you don't have to be a gold winner to get an excellent deal on your shop fittings.

gondola shop shelving

We have thousands of shop shelving bays in stock, so if you want your store to look fit for the telly, give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512 or visit our website at www.shelving4shops.co.uk

Friday, 27 September 2013

Shop Shelving Showcase Displays

Create a little variety in your shop shelving by switching up your showcase displays regularly to highlight promotions, popular products and end-of-line items. By stacking and organising your products in an attractive way on your shop shelving, customers will be drawn into your store and encouraged to browse through each aisle and shelf. Gondola shelving is ideal for this, as it creates aisles within your store space and provides double-sided shelving to promote a wide range of items. Wall mounted shelving is easily accessible, while pegboard shelving allows you to stock many different sized products, and hang items that are difficult to stack on a shelf.

wall mounted shop shelving

Sometimes the right kind of shelving can boost an average product to a desirable one - it's all about positioning, arrangement, signage and promotion. Think about the overall aesthetic of your store:

  • Is your store clean and tidy?
  • Is your store bright and well-maintained?
  • Is your store colourful or coordinated?
  • Do products and promotions have clear signage?
  • Is it easy for customers to browse your shelving?
  • Are similar items grouped together?
  • Does your store smell fresh, clean and inviting? (Fresh produce like baked goods, coffee and tea, fruit and vegetables can all bring a tasty element to the scent of your store.)

Brighten up your shop shelving with clear signs, Epos ticket strips and promotional material to entice customers around the store. When you have a promotional product in stock, place it in clear view on an end bay or in a prominent position and draw attention to it!

shop shelving accessories

Your retail displays have a huge effect on your sales, so it's worth choosing high quality, durable shop shelving that can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of products. All our shelves at Shelving4Shops are height adjustable so you can vary your shelving configuration whenever you need to. Add-ons like end bays, corner shelving units, shelving accessories, dividers and risers, ticket strips, dump bins and wire stacking baskets all provide additional shelving space and allow you to highlight specific products for showcase displays.

For help choosing the right shelving for your store, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops or visit our Leicestershire showroom to browse our complete range of shopfittings and shelving accessories.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


We all like a good old moan that Christmas gets earlier every year! By October (or September for some stores), the Christmas products start to hit the shop shelves and Christmas songs blare out from over the speaker systems.

So, almost half way through September, it’s time to start thinking about the Christmas displays and what stock you will have on offer. Of course it’s not just Christmas that comes round every year, winter does too, so shelves full of ice scrapers, de-icer, gloves and cold remedies also need to be ordered in time for the new season.

However, ordering the stock (and the cheesy Christmas album) isn’t the only thing you need to do to get the most from the new season. Store owners always need to think about the next promotion and how best to display it. Would the gloves do better in a dump bin by the counter so people pick them up while waiting to pay or would they look better on a peg board end bay that you can see as you walk through door? 

peg board shelving
Peg Board Display 
As a store owner there is so much to think about and it can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why Shelving4Shops is here to help with all of your shop shelving requirements.

Shelving4Shops offers advice and a store planning service or every customer, helping you to decide on how best to set out your shop shelving to maximise sales. This might include adding a new canopy to fit over existing shelves, or a new promotional end bay so that you can draw attention to promotional products. Peg board panels can easily replace plain ones and new hooks allow you display a range of products, saving you lots of space on your shop shelving.
peg board shelving
Peg board promo bay 

Of course, if you don’t have the space for a complete new promotional end bay, there are always tiered wire shelves that are so small and light they can fit into even the smallest of spaces, or why not freshen up your shelves with new EPOS strips in green or red to show off Christmas sections of your store.
tiered wire shelving
Tiered wire shelves - light and great for a tight space 
There's no no time to lose, Christmas really is just around the corner! So if you need to update your wall or gondola shelving, buy some new EPOS or add some extra shelves, or choose some additional shelving accessories like dump bins, wire stacking baskets, shelf risers or shopping baskets, visit our website at www.shelving4shops.co.uk, visit our Midlands-based showroom or call us on 01455 221512.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Using End Caps and End Bays with Gondola Shelving

Gondola end bays and end caps are the perfect way to finish a shelving run and provide a neat and effective space for promotional displays.

end bay shop shelving

Making the most of all the available shop space is vital for a successful store and end bays provide a useful way of filling dead space without sacrificing floor space. There's no need to rearrange your shelving to accommodate an extra shelving unit, simply add an end bay onto the end of an existing run of wall or gondola shelving for an immediate fresh facelift for your store!

Most convenience and retail stores use gondola shelving to create aisles and divide the shop floor into sections. End bays fit at the end of these runs at the same height for a seamless finish and add an entire extra unit of adjustable shelves.

gondola shelving

End bays are ideal for promotional displays, seasonal items, end-of-line stock, and for creating an impact when customers enter the store. End bay and end cap units can be used with shelving, slatwall panels and pegboard backing and also offer an extra base shelf for bulky or large items.

There really are no downsides to adding end bays to your shop shelving, so if you haven't already, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops to find out about the range of end bays we have in stock. If we don't have the right height in store, we can source used shop shelving to match with your existing units. Call us on 01455 221512 or visit us online at www.shelving4shops.co.uk

Retailers Need to Maximise Customer Experience to Survive

According to retail director at Google UK Peter Fitzgerald, retailers need to put customers first and make sure products and services are available whenever they need them. Going the extra mile for your consumers helps to improve customer experience and encourages sales, allowing your business to stay afloat in this challenging financial climate.

retail shelving

Does your business have a website? Are there products in your stock that you could make available to buy online? Perhaps you could offer a 'click and collect' service for local customers so they can make purchases online and collect from your store at a time that's convenient? 72% of UK customers own a smartphone and 50% use a mobile device to make purchases, so it's useful - if not essential - for at least your business details to be online. 

Following the recession, the retail industry has made slow and difficult progress and any way that improves your business should be grabbed with both hands - in this case, making your customer experience as good as it can be. This doesn't just mean being online for web customers, it means providing excellent customer service in store, a well-presented shop with neat and tidy retail shelving, an easy layout to your store for convenient browsing, and staff who go above and beyond to make customers happy. 

shop shelving accessories
There are several ways of using your shop layout and shelving to maximise sales, too, such as:

  • Positioning popular and higher priced items at eye-level
  • Keeping shelving neat and ordered
  • Grouping similar items together to promote cross-purchases
  • Placing dump bins and wire stacking baskets in spare areas to increase the amount of products on display
  • Organising promotional end bays and seasonal displays
  • Keeping your window display fresh and interesting
  • Utilising all available shelving space such as with peg board shelving
  • Creating a user-friendly 'flow' to your shop traffic using gondola shelving runs
  • Incorporating refrigerated shelving into your store to offer fresh, chilled and frozen produce
  • Adding fill-in products so that customers can find everything they need from your store
Maximising your customer satisfaction is the main factor in keeping your sales healthy and ensuring that your store stays in business! For help planning your store layout or for assistance in choosing the right shop shelving for your needs, please call us on 01455 221512 for expert advice, visit us online at www.shelving4shops.co.uk or come and see our range of retail shelving at our Midlands showroom.