Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Make the most of a small space

Having a small store can present many problems when trying to set up your business. Here are a few tips for maximising the space you have and really getting the most of out of displays, whilst keeping your costs down.

1. Paint an accent wall in a bold colour, this will not only brighten up your store but will make the store look bigger. You could also use eye-catching wallpaper with striking prints to make a feature wall and mix up textures to create interest. 

2. Think vertically! Customer's really engage with products displayed on various levels and at different heights. Use a collection of our different shelving units to create displays of varying heights, drawing the eye upwards, which will give the feel of your store being more spacious. 

3. Use lighting creatively! Lighting is so important, especially in small spaces, as they often have dark corners that can end up making your store look pokey and unappealing. Light up those corners, otherwise the space is as good as lost. 

4. Use your shelves effectively, this means making sure they don't look cluttered. Arrange your products so that customer's get the best view of them. If they're awkward items, consider using our shelf dividers to gather them together and make sure different products don't mix together, otherwise the shelf may look a bit chaotic. It may be worth using wire stacking baskets as a great way to promote impulse buys of bulk items, making them easy to pick up at the last minute.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Versatility Of The Wire Basket!

In the world of retail, there are so many options of how to display your products that it's easy to feel overwhelmed with it all when it comes down to actually having to choose. One of the main things to bear in mind is to maximise the use of space and make sure your store doesn't look cluttered. 

If you have lots of loose items that need to go somewhere together without spilling out onto other product space, wire baskets are a great way to go. Coming in either three tier or five tier, the wire basket units are ideal for items such as single crisp packets, fruit and veg or loose toys such as balls. They are great for display, presenting the customer with an easy, eye-catching view of the product, whilst keeping the items neatly gathered together. The unit is lightweight and easily moved, making them great for temporary or window displays. The stack is a simple way to use different heights to create interest at different levels, which is a great way to attract customer attention whilst saving space! 

If you want just the baskets and have space to play with, our wire stackable baskets are another great way of keeping looser items together yet well displayed. These baskets come as individual units, but can be stacked on top of each other or used on existing shelves as a way of keeping the shelf tidy. They are great to use along the queue area to encourage impulse buys while customers are waiting. They are very versatile and are perfect for placing end of line products, promotions or sales items. Great for fruit and veg, special offers or for placing at the end of gondola units to promote that special product.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

How To Use Corner Shelving

Corners in shops can tend to be dark, awkward areas that get neglected by customers and shop-owners alike, but they don't have to be!

By using corner shelving, you can really make the most of your shop corners. These units are free standing and are angled to slot into the corner as a continuation of your shelving, leaving you free to put products on the shelves as normal! Available in a range of different sizes, these versatile display units can be used for any products for an effective display. We have a variety of units ranging from 1.8 to 2.1m tall, with base widths from 300mm to 570mm, giving you options of how wide you want the unit and how tall. Depending on your products and customer base, it is worth considering how high you want to place your products and whether you need a wider base to display products that may not sit so well on narrower or higher shelves.

When filling your corner shelves, it's a good idea to put popular, frequently bought items in the corner as it then draws people down your aisles, meaning they are exposed to more of your products and more likely to make impulse purchases as they pass by.  

Be sure to use enough lighting in the corners to make sure your products are well lit, it's no good leaving your products in the dark! Lighting can make all the difference, so use it carefully and illuminate those products to get them flying off the shelves. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Your Store Decor

Decorating a store is very, very individual and of course depends on the sort of shop, the sort of products you sell and the size of the premises, not to mention the budget you're on. So when it comes to decorating and dressing up your store, you need to bear in mind your target audience and think creatively. 

For the general shop theme, colours set tone and mood in a shop, so bear in mind the type of atmosphere you want to create. Research colours and effects, for example, red and orange in a food shop can promote a feeling of hunger, whereas pastel hues and whites can be calming and relaxing, which is ideal in a shop selling bath salts and spa products. Spend time considering the mood you want in the store and carefully select your colour scheme. 

Creating eye catching displays are a great way of drawing a customer's attention to a product that otherwise they would have glossed over. Such displays need a clever use of colour (but not too many different ones) otherwise the overall look will be tacky and childish (unless, of course, you are advertising children's products!). So pick your colours carefully and use them to brighten your shop and create focus points to attract customers to a particular promotion or sale. 

The good thing about our units at Shelving4Shops is that they are versatile and re-usable, so you can rework it each time you need a new display. Pegboards are fantastic for promotions as they are so easy to work with and are quick to amend or rearrange when you need to change over a product or advertise a special deal. They are also ideal for hanging items, such as necklaces or signs, for example, and give a bigger space to create really eye catching displays. Don't forget the minor details either, such as the finishing touches. Whether it's a particular piece of artwork behind the counter or a bowl of sweets for customers to help themselves to, it's the small touches will get your store remembered.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

All About Us!

Shelving4Shops was born under the supervision of parent company Shoptek UK Ltd. Shoptek are one of the leaders of the market, in the sourcing and reselling of supermarket shelving and shop equipment. 

Shelving4Shops goal was to provide a high quality, suitable and affordable alternative when used shelving was not available, giving our customers options when it came to fitting out their shops. We have over 15 years of experience within the retail shelving sector, which we use to give you the best service possible when you are dealing with us. Our team has a wealth of knowledge to help you build up, match or add to your current system. We also can offer advice on the best shelving for your particular retail area, advising on how best to utilise and maximise your display and space available. 

We have a vast network of contacts working on the ground within the world's major manufacturing centres. We are constantly on the lookout for new, stronger, more reliable and cheaper equipment, to update and expand our selection that we can offer our clients. We know that kitting out a shop with all the right equipment is an expensive business, so we try and source the most cost effective equipment to help you make your business work. We source as much used shelving as we can to give our customers the choice of helping the environment and reduce outgoings, recycling is great but can be expensive, so we try and do as much as we can to help you save money!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Shelf Risers and Dividers

When displaying your products it is important to really think about how you want them to come across. For example, just think of the January sales, our lasting memory of them tends to be chaotic, messy and a fight to ever find anything! So when it comes to display, it's best to make sure customers can see the products they're after and keep them looking neat and orderly. This also makes it easier for you as a store owner to see when products are running low on the shelves and replenish them, making keeping track of sales simpler. 

Our shelf dividers make your shelves neat and tidy, keeping products apart so they are easy and quick for customers to pick up. Shelf risers sit at the front of your shelves and prevent items from falling off onto the floor. Damaged products never sell and cost you money (and time if they make a mess!) so it's worth making sure your products are secure. Shelf risers keep your shelving looking smart and are essential, whether your shelf is flat or tilted. These accessories come in either chrome or acrylic, so you can choose which is the best look for your store. Epos ticket strips attach to the shelf risers to make sure prices and information are easy to see, so customers know exactly what they are buying and how much each item costs. Customer's don't like having to search around or ask for the price of products and are more likely to leave and take their business elsewhere, so make sure you clearly label each and every product.

Shelving accessories really do serve as an affordable option to efficient display and promote your products, optimising your available shelving space and offering the best shopping experience for your customers.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Light Up Your Products!

Two important studies, conducted in late 2013, looked into retail lighting and how it affected customer behaviour in stores. The first study examined the extent to which lighting influenced consumers' subjective preferences and looked at three areas - the window, the store and shelving displays.

With a window display, people preferred vertical lighting, which make products stand out more, and it was noted that the colour rendering was not such a factor here. When coming into the actual store though, brightness was not so much of an issue and instead it was evident that people preferred warm lighting and moderate brightness. At around 3,000k and 4,000k people are at the most comfortable and this comfort diminishes if the lighting goes above this. 

The study found that varying the lighting was also significant, for example, changing the colour of the lighting at certain times of the day or when a specific promotion was on. Smart design of the installation can encourage people to follow tracks around a store and you can use that to get people deep into your store. When it came to shelving displays, it was evident that people preferred more lighting here, as naturally they wanted good light to be able to see products clearly ahead of purchasing them. 

The second study used eye tracking technology to monitor people's instinctive reactions to different lighting schemes and where their eyes looked. The most significant finding was that people's eyes were drawn naturally to areas of contrast, where dark and light areas overlapped, rather than the most brightly lit areas. Another interesting conclusion to note was that people were drawn to products that were at head height, showing that anything above or below that is often overlooked. To draw more attention to these it's worth using dynamic lighting to change the brightness, or these products need raising to face height. 

When the findings were tested in a store in Hamburg, it was concluded that people's eyes were instinctively drawn to areas where the lighting was active and were more attracted to blue lighting, over any other colour. 

To put the findings to good use, it's worth thinking about the colours and the brightness used in your store. For example, use lighting to draw people towards your shelving and think about using active or blue lighting to highlight unloved areas of your shop.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Spice Up Your Store

Think of your convenience store as a blank canvas. There is so much potential to make your store stand out to get your store talked about and attract more customers. You can develop your own theme and really get creative to draw customers into your store and get those products flying off the shelves.

To start with, why not draw up a floor plan to get an idea of how you want your store to look and to be laid out? Make sure your aisles are not too narrow and there is plenty of lighting as people don't like to be in spaces that feel claustrophobic! Remember, you can use gondola shelving to create your aisles. Shelving4Shops has a range of different heights (from 1.4m to 2.1m high), so have a think about how high you want your aisles to be. Something to bear in mind when deciding on product placement is that people are more likely to take notice of products that are face height, so for things that are above or below, it may be worth investing in some quality lighting to make sure lower or higher products get noticed. Also make sure your customers know what the prices are, so take a look at Shelving4Shops shelf barkers to make sure they have all the information they need to make a purchase. 

There are loads of great store design ideas to take inspiration from. Vintage themed stores are increasingly popular, as are retro colours such as pastel blues, yellows or reds. You can always pick up vintage furniture and quirky decorations at charity shops, for example, so keep an eye out and get creative and inventive! Remember that although decoration costs time and money, the return will be worth it. Unique, stand-out stores really get talked about and people will make the effort to come specifically to your store if they've heard it talked about! 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pegboard Gondolas

Pegboard Gondolas are ideal for using to create aisles when you need pegboard as opposed to shelving. Pegboard Gondolas can also give the impression of more spacious aisles, even though they have a good sized base of 370mm, they don't have the shelves jutting out into the aisle. Here at Shelving4Shops we have a range of different height Gondolas, including 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m and 2.1m high units. 

Pegboard Gondolas are perfect for creating aisle displays for displaying products that don't sit particularly well on shelves or that you want to highlight, so with pegboard you can really maximise on their features and promote them, giving customers a better view of the product. You can create some truly fantastic displays, so think outside the box and get inventive! Remember to use different heights, as the hanging hooks are removable, so you can literally put them anywhere, creating really eye catching and interesting displays. They are also ideal for making sure long, hanging products don't get tangled, for example, necklaces or leads. 

Shelving4Shops also has a range of pegboard wall bay units, so you can make the most of the wall space by putting these pegboard units right up against them. Again this gives you great opportunities for displays whilst really optimising on the space in your store.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cash Registers - Keep Your Money Safe!

Here at Shelving4Shops we want to make setting up your business simple and affordable. Below are two examples of one of the most important parts of your shop - the cash register! A cash register allows you to record the amount of each sale, while printing a receipt for the customer and keeping you in full control of the money coming in and out.

This new cash register by Sharp is compact, yet powerful. Coming in modern, stylish white or smart, formal black, it has a bright 9 digit 7 segment LED operator display that gives clear information to the operator. The single station printer is quick and gives reliable, silent printing, producing neat and professional looking receipts. The cash drawer is lockable, for peace of mind, and offers segmented portions for different coins to be kept separate, as well as paper notes. 
A 3,000 line Electronic Journal gives a full audit trail and the register has an SD card slot to allow data to be stored on it and then viewed on a PC. A free PC link is also available for download, to allow easy programming of PLUs, departments, prices and tax rates. 

The XE-A207 features large clear, multi-line operator display and is available in a professional light grey or smart black. Fitting in most retail and hospitality interiors, it features a new contemporary cabinet design and is the perfect choice for retailers who need a reliable, stylish and easy to use machine. A sturdy metal, lockable cash drawer is included, allowing for peace of mind and confidence in a busy retail environment. 

Easy to set up, thanks to the free PC Link software programme that allows for effortless product maintenance and a new data export function allows for sales data to be saved for use within any spreadsheet. The XE-A207 is the ideal choice for any busy, developing retailer, providing reliability and confidence. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Your Store Decor.

Decorating a store is very, very individual and of course depends on the sort of shop, the sort of products you sell and the size of the premises, not to mention the budget you're on. So when it comes to decorating and dressing up your store, you need to bear in mind your target audience and think creatively. 

For the general shop theme, colours set tone and mood in a shop, so bear in mind the type of atmosphere you want to create. Research colours and effects, for example, red and orange in a food shop can promote a feeling of hunger, whereas pastel hues and whites can be calming and relaxing, which is ideal in a shop selling bath salts and spa products. Spend time considering the mood you want in the store and carefully select your colour scheme. 

Creating eye catching displays are a great way of drawing a customer's attention to a product that otherwise they would have glossed over. Such displays need a clever use of colour (but not too many different ones) otherwise the overall look will be tacky and childish (unless, of course, you are advertising children's products!). So pick your colours carefully and use them to brighten your shop and create focus points to attract customers to a particular promotion or sale. 

The good thing about our units at Shelving4Shops is that they are versatile & re-usable, so you can rework it each time you need a new display. Pegboards are fantastic for promotions as they are so easy to work with & are quick to amend or rearrange when you need to change over a product or advertise a special deal. They are also ideal for hanging items, eg necklaces, for example, & give a bigger space to create really eye catching displays. Don't forget the minor details either, such as the finishing touches. Whether it's a particular piece of artwork behind the counter or a bowl of sweets for customers to help themselves to, it's the small touches will get your store remembered. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Realistic Refridgeration!

In the summer months, it is especially important to make sure your choice of chiller does exactly what you want it to do, and sometimes this is several things at once.

Serve over counters are great for displaying goods that require careful display whilst keeping them at a steady, cool temperature. These refrigerated units are perfect for creating a beautiful display of products that customers can easily view and choose, whilst giving you easy access and the assurance that the products are kept fresh and refrigerated. 

Dairy cabinets give good surface area for display whilst maintaining the specific temperature to keep goods fresh and properly refrigerated. This is especially important to keep the optimal shelf life of products. 

Display freezers are ideal for presenting your frozen produce in the most attractive manner possible and encouraging those impulse buys. Summer is an ideal time to make the most of grabbing people's attention and displaying those ice creams! Choose a display freezer based on your store space and layout, and on the products you are planning to display. Chest freezers have the option of baskets to offer easy-to-grab impulse buy ice creams, upright freezers give shelves with the potential to create bright, eye catching displays. 

Bottle fridges are (as the name implies) specific to displaying drinks. They create a neat, tidy way to store bottles and keep them refrigerated, giving either customers or bar staff easy access to drinks kept at a constant, cool temperature. 

Multi-deck chillers give you the option of using height to display your produce at constant refrigeration, maximising the use of space in your store. They are the cost-effective way to display large amounts of chilled goods, with great viewing potential and easy access for both staff and customer. 
Whatever you need your chiller to do, we have a huge range of both used and new units here at Shelving4Shops. For advice about which chiller you need, feel free to contact us on 01455 221512 for enquiries and information. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Magazine Mayhem!

Magazine shelves are notorious for looking messy and crowded, leaving customers struggling to find the one they want. Magazines are just as popular as ever and it is important to create a display that doesn't leave customers rummaging through your display, ultimately resulting in it becoming chaotic and the magazines looking dishevelled and dogeared. 

Our magazine shelving units come in three different heights, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m, with each including 8 tiers of angled shelving with a 470mm base shelf as standard. This base shelf is an ideal space for displaying newspapers, though it can be changed to any size you need. As with any of our wall shelving products, it can be adjusted to suit your requirements. 

With our range of magazine units, you can connect them to other shelving units to create bespoke displays specific to your store, tailoring it to your needs. Or why not consider joining the starter bays together to create a long wall of paper products, giving customers great browsing opportunity and with each product displayed so that they can quickly locate their preferred magazine without having to root through all the others? We have over 15 years experience in the shelving business, so if you have any queries or need any advice, we can help you decide what units are best suited to your store. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Enticing Interiors!

These days with the digital market taking off and taking so much business, it's now more important than ever to make sure your shop entices customers in. Competition is fierce, so it's vital that the layout of your store makes the most of the customer's shopping experience. 

When designing the layout of your store, bear in mind that customers need direction around a store, it will help them navigate your products and give you the opportunity to make sure they view as much of your stock as possible. Creating aisles gives customers the most exposure to products and using our gondola shelving means you can create these aisles whilst maximising on the space you have available. 

There are various different layouts that you can use, below are two of the prime examples of layouts that create effective flows of traffic and give maximum exposure to products, whilst allowing customers to move freely from aisle to aisle. 

Race Track Layout
A racetrack layout consists of a main aisle that leads customers from the front area, around the whole store and then guides them lastly to the check out counter. It is designed for two way traffic that directs customers to what they are looking for.

Power Aisle Layout
The power aisle layout consists of a main aisle that runs the length of the store either from front to back or from corner to corner, allowing for departments to branch off the main aisles. It is set up to allow a flow of two way traffic with retail displays set up on both the floor and end units, letting you organise your merchandise to maximise accessibility to seasonal, special or sales items. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cigarette Gantry

 The new regulations coming in next year mean that all cigarette gantries will be required by law to have screens or sliding doors to cover the shelves. This will be a legal requirement from April 2015 and failure to comply can result in store owners receiving a financial penalty. From April 2015, it will be illegal to display tobacco products and even their prices, except to adults aged 18 and over, therefore the products should be kept behind a screen or sliding door at all times.

Updating cigarette displays to have custom made doors and screens can present a sizeable cost to many stores, so Shelving4Shops are now manufacturing a low cost cigarette gantry to replace outdated tobacco displays and make your store ready for the new changes to the law. Sliding doors come as standard and can be easily fitted when the new regulations come into force on the 6th April 2015.

Our new tobacco cabinet also comes with cigarette dividers and pushers, allowing for stock of over 112 different types of cigarettes over the 7 adjustable shelves. Epos ticket strips are also fitted to the front of all the shelves allowing for the clear display of prices.

This compact cigarette display is ideal for maximising on space behind the counter, as it stands at just 1000mm wide x 370mm deep x 1500mm tall. It sits perfectly on a 1 meter wall bay, ideally sized to complement your other store display units.

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Promotions, promotions, promotions!

One of the best ways to get customers into your store is definitely via promotions. Promotions immediately grab the attention of the customer and make them feel like they are getting something that they won't get anywhere else. 

Practically, promotions are great for quickly shifting stock or highlighting new seasonal products. Showcasing an average item with the right signage, positioning and arrangement can quickly boost the perception of it to a desirable item, resulting in fast sales and quick stock movement. 

To effectively display these promotions, you need to place them at particular points in your store, where they will grab the most attention. Shelving4Shops offers a selection of end bays that are ideal for promotions and fast selling lines. Our end bays are also perfect for hiding the end of a run of gondola, giving the aisle a clean and professional look to your store. As with all our shelving units, an end bay is versatile and adjustable, with removable shelves which can be replaced by peg boards if needed. This means that end bays can be used to promote any product, simply by adjusting the shelving or peg board to accommodate any display.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Used Shop Shelving at Shelving4Shops

Whether you’re on a tight budget, having a revamp or you just need to sell your current shelving fixtures, we can help. 

Here at Shelving4Shops, we buy and sell used shop shelving and equipment. We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of both new and used supermarket shelving in our large warehouse facility based in the Midlands. 

If you’re having a revamp of your store and need a helping hand, we specialise in the removal of large shelving fixtures and equipment from some of the UK’s biggest well known supermarkets, as well as small convenience stores. 

Our highly experienced team are on standby, ready to dismantle and remove your current shelving fixtures in a quick, but safe manner. We will work to a time scale that suits you best, even if you have a large amount of space with a limited time scale- we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the job gets done. 

Purchasing used shelving units are ideal if you’re on a tight budget. Depending on the size and availability of the fitting, having used shop shelving can save you money. It’s important to consider the fact that used shop shelving tends to be quite large in size and deep in depth, so it’s important to plan your shop layout before making the decision to purchase used shop shelving. 

If you need a hand planning your store layout, or just simply want to check availability, give our friendly sales team a call today on 01455 221512.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Combining Your Shelves

The secret to a successful store is great customer service, attractive products and prices, and a unique store layout. Having a layout that’s just a little bit different can make a huge difference from your customers perspective, and it also gives them good reason to visit your store on a regular basis, knowing that they’ll be experiencing something different each time they visit. 

The key to a unique store layout doesn’t just involve having a layout that’s interesting from a customers perspective, it’s about combing a variety of heights and levels with a mixture of products that catch the customers eye, and in order to create variety, you need to combine your shelving. 

Although having sections for each type of product can help customer navigation, it can be a little mundane for the customer to browse through, especially if the layout doesn’t change on a regular basis. Combining a mixture of wall shelving with pegboards adds variety and substance to what can be a dull layout. If you find that you have a little extra room in the middle of an aisle or at the end of a shelving unit - dump bins, wire stacking baskets and shelves add a great depth to your store, as well as enhancing the customers journey entirely. 

Although it may make sense to keep your different types of shelving together, combining your shelves adds a great touch of contrast to your store. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising is the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets. It is a merchandising technique which effectively utilises the design of an environment by visual communications, lighting, colours and music to stimulate customers perceptual and emotional response, and ultimately to affect their purchase behaviour. According to research by Dunne and Lusch (2005), store environment is an important element in retailing given that 70% of purchase was an impulse buy or unplanned purchase. 

In terms of your store, the presentation and feel of the store plays a key factor regarding buying activity, so you could use themes to vary the feel of your store periodically. Tempting as it is, try not to limit your themes to the four seasonal ones, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, but instead try and think outside the box to implement some more original ideas. For example, you could use Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, making these work for you depending on your target audience. Practically, this means using good display equipment to create your displays with your promotional products showing in the best light they can. Adding a promotional gondola unit at the end of a bay or near a till point is a great way to get extra sales from customers. In particular, a promotional gondola unit placed at the front of a till point will encourage customers to purchase extra impulse buys as they capture the customer's attention while they are waiting to pay, a purchase that requires no effort to pick up.

Variation on your theme will keep your store looking fresh, with updated displays meaning customers will come back to your shop again and again for a new browsing experience each time. It is easy to use and Shelving4Shops wide range of display equipment can help create those displays that push for those extra purchases from customers. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Winter Is Coming

The sun is shining, the air is warm and the days last until late evening, so it’s hard to believe that the majority of stores are already making plans for winter.

With winter comes Christmas, which is one of the biggest events for those in the retail industry, which is why it takes months of preparation beforehand. The whole layout of a store tends to change when Christmas occurs, and such a dramatic change can’t simply happen within a day, which is why the majority of stores are now having their annual summer sale in order to shift old stock to make way for the new. 

Customers tend to want a completely different experience when shopping for Christmas, which is why it’s important to consider the stores layout from a different perspective. Here at Shelving4Shops, we have a variety of shelving units and accessories that can be used for your Christmas store layout. With a variety of different heights, widths and depths, it’s easier than ever for you to develop your store layout to the best of it’s abilities. 

If you need help planning your store layout, or just require some more information, give our friendly team a call today on 01455 221512. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Leicester Showroom

Last year we refurbished and expanded our showroom, located between Leicester and Coventry. 
We firmly believe that our showroom offers the best way for you to choose your shop shelving, as you can get a real sense of scale and see how our products would work in your store. In our showroom we have the perfect layout, so you can see how the displays work and what accessories you can use to make the most of the space you have. It's much easier to see and inspect it in the showroom, rather than on a website or in a catalogue. 

We understand that planning your shop layout can be daunting, so at the showroom we are happy to help. We can sit down and go through your shelving requirements with you to make sure you effectively use the space available to you. We have such a vast range of products, you're sure to find something to suit your needs and coming to visit our showroom will help you visualise the shelving and how it can work for you. 

Here at the Shelving4Shops showroom, we also offer a free demonstration on how to assemble and fit your shelves correctly. This means that if you're not quite the DIY aficionado, you'll know how to complete the installation of your products. If this is something you're simply not happy with or don't have the time for, let us know and we will be happy to deliver and assemble your products for you. 

So come on over to our Shelving4Shops showroom for a cup of tea or coffee and view our range of products, we're happy to discuss and advise you on any queries you may have. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

First Impressions

There’s no way about it, first impressions matter!

In a store, this is more important than ever in clinching those sales. People walking into your store for the first time can take a bit of time to orient themselves and ‘get used’ to your store. Therefore, what you put at the entrance to your store matters a great deal. 

Make the most of this space. It's a fantastic opportunity to grab customers attention and lure them in! You don't want the entrance to look cluttered, so an effective use of shelving to display products means customers can really feel comfortable browsing. It's a great place to put offers, to really entice people in, so again display is very important here. 

Our peg boards are a great way of experimenting with products at varying heights, creating a visually stimulating display. Sometimes products just don't sit well on shelves, due to their size or shape, which is where peg boards come in. You can more effectively showcase products in a different manner, allowing for demonstration of the product to its original capabilities. Peg boards also allow for display flexibility

The shop entrance has the highest footfall in your entire shop, it's definitely worth making the most of. Make sure you grab the person's attention and display your products as effectively as possible!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Make Those Aisles Work For You!

Aisles create direction in a store, they help a customer navigate round your shop, but they also do much more when used effectively. Aisles give the customers exposure to all your products, so with the right shelving you can display the maximum amount of products. It's well known that the more products people see, the more they buy. 

Following this train of thought, it’s definitely worth spending time planning your store layout and considering how you will order and display your products. There are a few points to take into consideration:

1) Breaking up natural spaces with product displays, for example the door to counter line. Putting a display here gives people an obstacle to negotiate, which means that they have to look at it and give it their attention. Another idea here is to use the queue area to promote products. You can even create the queue space by using our wire dump baskets to shift stock and get those last minute sales. 

2) Create aisles! They encourage movement and browsing and give customers a sense of direction, and most importantly, they give you the chance to display products! Aisles that have structure and are labelled make it easy for customers in a hurry to see exactly where the product they want will be. Our gondola units are perfect for creating aisles whilst maximising store space. You can customise these to meet whatever needs your store has. For example, we sell peg boards for more awkward products or wire baskets to contain lose items that don't sit well on shelves. 

3) Lastly, don't have dead ends! Customers will see these "traps" and will avoid them, leaving these aisles unbrowsed. Leaving the ends of aisles open draws customers into the shop and invites them to explore further. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Making The Most Of Summer Sales

Like everyone else, at Shelving4Shops, we are keen on making the most of the summer! Summer means long, hazy days, lying in the sunshine and the summer sales! 

Summer is the favourite time of year for many, people spend more time outdoors meaning they also end up spending more time in the shops! Summer is an ideal time to revamp the look of your store and create the ultimate summer look to invite people in and encourage them to buy your products. 

Shelving4Shops understands the need for shops to change their look, which is why we supply units with adjustable shelves, leaving you free to amend your store's look as and when necessary. A store that often updates and amends it's displays and layout will create a different browsing experience for customers. They will find the store more interesting and spend more time in it, and ultimately more money! 

A fresh, airy display with products that aren't crammed closely together is going to be a lot more enticing than one that seems dark and over crowded. People are a lot more likely to respond positively to a store that they feel at ease in, where they are relaxed and can take their time to browse. Summer is a great time to make the most of a revamp to entice people to wander into your shop!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ultimate Convenience.

When it comes to food shopping, one of the biggest factors that the majority of customers will want is convenience. They don't want to have to work when shopping, they want an easy experience where finding things is quick and simple. 

Convenience is something which every store design needs to take into consideration. Product display needs to be concise, clear and easy so that customers can find what they want. To make things easier for the buyers, it’s vital that you have the right shelving and display equipment. For example, Shelving4Shops has a range of shelving that you can tilt to certain angles, ideal for displaying confectionary. Pegboard backing on a unit means you can put lots of products together, keeping everything related in one place.

Our magazine shelving means you can put out lots of different products in a way that makes it easy for the customer to quickly find the specific one they are looking for. People are more likely to be put off if they have to spend a lot of time searching for a product. 

Obviously it is also important that if you are displaying fresh, frozen or refrigerated items, that you have a chiller. Shelving4Shops can offer advice on selecting and placing the right one, as it's such a vital piece of equipment and not a decision you want to make lightly. 

All of this equipment really does add up, so Shelving4Shops also stock second hand and used equipment for food stores. Visit our website to view our range of shop shelving and accessories range. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Get Ready For Summer! (Shelving)

It’s that exciting time of year again when the sun comes out, the days are longer and everyone is just that little bit happier. And although it may not seem like it to the majority of people, summer in the retail sector is a biggie and it’s all down to the annual summer sales. 

As the days get hotter, people don’t tend to venture out into the heat to walk around shops, which is why stores all over the country implement their annual summer sale in order to attract customers out of their back gardens. Having a summer sale is also a great way of shifting the old products to make way for new season stock.

The set out of a sale is quite simple, but yet different to your normal store layout. It’s important to make it clear to customers where the sale section in your store is. The last thing any customer wants is to have to decipher what’s included in the sale and what isn’t. 

Here at Shelving4Shops, we’ve continuously stated that it’s always worth revamping your store’s layout on a regular basis, just to make it a little more interesting for your regular customers, but having a summer sale gives you the chance to reconfigure your store layout once again.

Sales in stores tend to have their own unique section, away from all of the other products which aren’t in the sale. They’re usually well sign posted with effective signage, as well as labelled with the current markdowns. Labelling markdowns can easily be done with our epos ticketing strips, which allow customers to see the description and price of each product. 

Don’t be scared to combine different types of shelving together to create the most effective sale area. Sales can be quite messy, so ensure that it’s as easy as possible for your customers to browse through a variety of different items all in one place. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Top Notch Shelving

At Shelving4Shops, we believe that high quality shelving equals a high quality store, which is why all of shelving units are made with strong, sturdy and durable materials. We have a versatile range of durable shelving units to suit your store requirements. Whether you’re a large supermarket or a small convenience store, or whether you’re just looking for a nifty storage solution, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for here at Shelving4Shops. 

As well as being easy and efficient to manage, all of our shelving units are available in a variety of adjustable heights and depths, therefore accommodating a range of requirements to suit both your store and customer requirements. 

It’s natural to sometimes be a little unsure about what shelving solution you’re after, however at Shelving4Shops we’re dedicated to helping finding you your ideal shelving unit. If you have any questions, or if you just need some guidance, our Shelving4Shops team will be happy to assist you. You can contact us either by phone or email, or you’re always welcome to come and visit our Leicestershire showroom if you need a better idea of what you’re after.  

Our aim at Shelving4Shops is for you to find your ideal shelving solution at an affordable price, whether you’re looking to completely revamp your store layout or add to an existing one.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Are your shelves ready for summer?

The sun is out, it’s nice and warm and the days are finally longer, which can only mean one thing: summer is here! Summer is one of the key seasons within the retail industry. It’s the season that often marks a revamp within stores across the UK, which begs the question- are your shelves ready for summer? 

Ensuring that your shelves are summer ready couldn’t be easier. Here at Shelving4Shops we have a versatile range of shelving units available for you to choose from. Revamping your store layout in time for summer will give your store a fresh new look, encouraging customers to come into your store and have a look around. According to recent reports, customers are more likely to visit a store that changes its layout on a regular basis, as it offers a new browsing experience every time they visit. Shelving4Shops can offer you and your customers just that.

Shelving shouldn’t just be used as a storage solution- they give you the opportunity to create aisles and pathways within your store, giving you a whole new store layout completely. Shelving gives you the chance to display merchandise to the best possible standard, allowing your customers to enjoy a simple yet effective shopping experience. 

To learn more about our versatile range of shelving, visit our website:

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wall Shelving - A Variety of Heights Available

Here at Shelving4Shops we pride ourselves on being able to offer a large variety of shelving units to our customers. Which is why we’ve made it easier than ever for you to create your ideal shelving arrangement with our high quality range of of wall shelving units, all of which are available in an array of heights and options. All of our wall shelving units are hassle free, and are simple to assemble and put together, allowing you to have that desired clean professional appearance within a short space of time. 

All of our wall shelving units are configurable with adjustable shelf heights and depth, allowing you to adapt the unit to your exact requirements. We understand that continuity is an important aspect within retail, both from a business and customer perspective, which is why our wall shelving bays can be configured and connected together, creating a seamless appearance within the store and allowing you to layout your store in the most efficient way possible.  

A variety of heights are available with our wall shelving units. These include 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m, along with 200mm to 570mm in depth. The positioning of each shelf can be configured to suit the layout requirements.   

As with all our units, our wall shelving units are easy to transport, and as always we are happy to deliver. Please contact us if you require anymore information, our staff are always happy to help.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Stress Free Shelving

Shelving can be many things, but stressful shouldn’t be one of them. We strongly believe that shelving should be simple, efficient and easy, as well as being adaptable to your requirements. Here at Shelving4Shops, we pride ourselves on having a versatile range of shelving units for you to browse through and choose from. Our shelving units can accommodate a variety of store requirements, so you’ll be sure to find the shelving solution to suit you best. 

If you find that choosing the perfect shelving unit for you can be a bit daunting, then our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help. Just simply give us a call and we’ll do our best to find the perfect shelving requirement that suits you, your store and your customers. With over 15 years worth of experience within the retail shelving sector, we’ll be sure advise you on the most efficient and cost effective way to help organise your stores shelving. 

To search through our wide range of shelving units, you can visit our website, or come and visit us at our Leicestershire showroom, where you can browse through a variety of new and used shelving units, giving you a better glimpse of your store’s potential.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Finding The Perfect Shelving Balance

If you work in retail, then you’re fully aware that competition between stores has never been higher. Stores left, right and centre are striving to compete for customers’ attention and to get them to shop at their store instead of their competitors’, which is why it’s important to ensure that your store is in prime condition.
Shop Shelving from Shelving4shops
Ensuring that your store stands out from the crowd can be tricky. More and more stores are coming up with different ways to grab potential customers attention, however a stand out store starts with stand out shelving.

It’s important to find the right balance between providing an easy customer shopping experience, combined with a unique store layout. The majority of our shelving units are adjustable, allowing you to adapt them into your store. Try not to over complicate your layout though, there’s a fine line in looking different from your competitors and creating a complex store layout. Of course, you don’t want it to be too mundane either, as customers will then travel elsewhere for a more unique shopping experience. Finding the right balance between the two can be tough, which is why our friendly sales team are always happy to help you find the right shelving solutions for your store. Just give us an idea of your store layout and what you’re after. We’ll do our best to find you the perfect solution to suit your requirements.  

Monday, 7 July 2014

Shop Racking at Shelving4Shops

Available in a variety of heights and depths, our shop racking gives you the opportunity to display a large range of products for retail stores. You can always be assured that our shop racking will last. Made from heavy duty powder-coated steel, our shop racking is strong and durable, making it the ultimate necessity for your store. 

All of our shelving units are freestanding, meaning there’s no need for nuts, bolts or wall fixings. We understand that it’s important to keep your store looking fresh and updated, which is why all of our shop racking units have interchangeable components. This makes it easier for you to create your ideal shelving configuration. You can be assured that your products will be displayed in a professional and appropriate manner, whilst providing support for even the most heaviest items.

It’s important to know what shop racking is best suited for your store. A standard 1400mm high gondola, or a larger 2400mm gondola racking unit is more commonly used in larger supermarkets and outlets, whereas smaller sized units are more typically used for convenience and corner stores. It can be hard to decide the amount of depth your shelving units need, especially if the amount of merchandise varies from time to time. The standard depth range on a shelf is 200mm to 570mm. All shelves can be configured from 45 to 90 degree angles, allowing you to tilt shelves to display confectionary more easily. 

For more information, please call the Shelving4Shops team on 01455 221512 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Shelving Accessories at Shelving4Shops

You have your store layout sorted. The shelving units are in place and the stock is out, but something’s missing. Whether you have a few spare spaces here and there, or more stock sitting in the warehouse than anticipated, it’s important that you maximise your store's potential as much as possible, especially when demand for customers has never been so high.

At Shelving4Shops, we provide a wide range of shop accessories to help your store achieve its potential. Whether you’ve gone for a completely new refit or if you’re just refreshing the stores look, implementing shop accessories such as wire baskets are a great way of making the most out of awkward spaces, or even just to shift excess stock. 

Our range of dump bins, wire stacking baskets and wire shelving are a cost effective way of finishing off your stores layout without drastically changing the layout altogether and are also an effective way of shifting excess stock. Recent reports have suggested that products which are displayed more in bulk appear to be more desirable to customers. Products placed in dump bins combined with being placed at your stores till area provide great shopping and browsing opportunities for your customers.  

Thursday, 26 June 2014

New & Used Refrigeration

Every store across the UK requires shelving that’s good quality, in good condition and importantly, reliable. Whether it be small convenience stores, large supermarkets or retail outlets, most will also require the correct type of refrigeration. 

At Shelving4Shops we understand that sometimes it can be a little frustrating to source everything you need from just from one supplier, which is why we have teamed up with a trustworthy local refrigeration company whose speciality is in both new and used commercial refrigeration. They offer a large variety of refrigeration equipment for any kind of store, such as multi deck chillers, display freezers and bottle fridges to name a few. 

Arneg refrigeration is a name you can surely trust. Their sales team are highly experienced and fully qualified fridge and air conditioning engineers, who have a vast knowledge of the industry, and will work with you throughout the process to achieve exactly what is required. 

All of the used refrigeration units are of high quality and standards. They have been thoroughly cleaned and fully tested to their capabilities. Each unit comes with a 3 month warranty, giving you the confidence and peace of mind when buying used refrigeration. Second hand refrigeration is ideal if you’re on a tight budget and are looking to save a bit of money, however we also understand that it can be tricky to find exactly what you require, especially when compromise just isn’t an option. Hence why we also offer new commercial refrigeration such as air conditioning, display freezers, dairy cabinets, multi deck chillers and bottle fridges just to name a few. 

There are many important factors to consider when buying refrigeration for the first time, and all of these factors can be discussed with an experienced member of staff who will be happy to help with any enquiries. For more advice and information on refrigeration, or if you just need help planning your shop, please call Luis on 07787184992, or visit the website 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Large Store Shelving

Shelving isn’t just about displaying and holding products. It’s about making the most out of what space and merchandise are available and help establish a good customer reputation and shopping experience. 

Large stores can be quite daunting for customers to shop/browse in. Sometimes the customer simply has no idea where to start, so it’s important to make sure it’s as easy as possible for them to navigate through. This helps provide a more efficient shopping experience for the customer, and helps provide you with a positive customer reputation. 

However we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to make such a large space look full and complete. Spare spaces and empty looking shelves don’t quite give off the ideal impression towards customers. It can make the store appear as if it’s unmanned, or as if it's going out of business. It also makes shopping more difficult for customers to find what they’re looking for. 

Large amounts of stock tend to come with large stores, so it can be tempting to just dump as much stock as possible to fill up an empty void. Many people don’t bother using such a large space to its best capabilities. They tend to just see a generous amount of space and fill it up with as much stock as they possibly can with no strategy behind it whatsoever. This isn’t in the best interests of the store, or for the customer in that matter. Displaying as much stock as possible isn’t the best tactic, it can look messy, dishevelled and can actually counteract sales altogether as it’s harder for the customer to shop and navigate through. 

Shelving units that are deep allow you to have displays that are full with merchandise, giving off the impression of a well established company and business. Of course, it entirely depends on how much stock and merchandise you have in the first place. If you have large amounts of stock it can be easy to fill up the shelving units, however when you have low amounts of stock, it’s best to make the most out of what you have. 

Gondolas are useful for creating aisles, which fit perfectly within large store spaces. Sometimes large store spaces can appear to be baffling, and can sometimes dishearten customers from shopping. Customers don’t want to have to make an effort to shop, they want to be navigated and directed through to what they want. Aisles are a great way of ensuring easy navigation and encourage customer traffic flow. 

For more information on our range of retail shelving products you can email us direct on or call on 01455 221512.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Convenience Store Shelving

We understand that you want to make the most out of what space you have, especially when there isn’t a lot of it. Even if you have a small store, there’s still pressure to make space and fit large amounts of stock out on display. 

Some customers tend to prefer smaller stores to larger ones. It usually has all the basics they need, they don’t feel daunted or lost and they usually allow for easy navigation. However, usually smaller stores only have a small amount of storage space, so it can be tempting to just put out as much stock as you possibly can so you can free up extra storage space in the warehouse. It can then be difficult to find a perfect balance, and to not make the store look too packed and crowded. Customers can end up feeling cramped and confined if there’s too much stock squashed in such a small amount of space. In situations like this, customers can even end up feeling claustrophobic. This definitely isn’t the feeling or impression you want to give to customers, it will deter them from your store entirely.

It’s all about displaying the products on a shelf effectively to find the right balance between the amount of product and space you have available. Deep set shelves allow for large amounts of products to be stored in the same section without being too confined and cramped.

It’s all about making the most out of what space you have available when it comes to smaller spaces. Which is why corner units are also ideal for smaller stores. Instead of stacking products on the floor to fill up a corner, corner units make a great addition to smaller spaces and allow you to display merchandise more effectively. 

For more information on our range of retail shelving products you can email us direct on sales at or call on 01455 221512.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Used Shelving Equipment

Here at Shelving4Shops, not only do we provide new shelving equipment, such as gondolas, wall racking and shelving accessories, we also buy and sell used shop shelving and equipment. 

Purchasing used shelving equipment is ideal if you’re simply looking to refit your store on a tight budget, or perhaps your new store layout means that you no longer require the shelving units you originally had in place, either way, we can certainly help you find the ideal shelving units you’re after for your store. 

As well as specialising in providing a large variety of new shelving equipment, we also specialise in removing large quantities of used shop equipment from some of the larger well known supermarkets, as well as smaller convenience stores located around the country.  If you find that you’re in the position to sell shelving units, but don’t have the time or capability to remove them, we have a highly experienced team on standby to dismantle and remove shelving fixtures quickly, efficiently and safely in a time scale that best suits you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large supermarket with a tight time scale, or just a small convenience store, we promise we will work and communicate with you every step of the way. 

If you have large amounts of shelving units just sitting in your warehouse collecting dust, it might be worth considering selling them. Here at Shelving4Shops, not only do we sell used shelving equipment, we also buy it. Getting rid of shelving units that you no longer require will open up more storage space in the warehouse.

At Shelving4Shops we supply a large range of brand new and used supermarket shelving, as well as second hand shop fittings from our large warehouse facility located in the Midlands. 

Don’t forget that we also sell new shop shelving equipment, as we are direct suppliers and hold large stocks of shelving, meaning we can pass on the fantastic savings on to you. 

If you’re still unsure, or perhaps you prefer to view things in person, you’re welcome to come and visit our showroom of shelving in Leicestershire. 

Delivery and collection is available, we can arrange delivery across the whole of the UK from London. 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Supermarket Shelving

Here at Shelving4Shops, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of shelving suitable for supermarket use. Our aim is to help store owners ensure that they make the most out of what space they have available. We’re here to help, and we want to make sure that your store is organised to its best capabilities and make it as productive as possible for yourself, and for your customers. We have a range of shelving suitable for supermarket stores, which include wall shelving, gondola shelving and other numerous productive configurations to help you create the right display layout suitable for your requirements. 

We understand that when catering for supermarket shelving, you need to take into consideration the display requirements for a whole variety of products, and help establish the most effective layout for your customers, and for your store as a whole.

Many people see shelving as a storage or display solution, this is true to some extent, however shelves can also help establish a successful store layout, to best suit you, your store and your customers. Our freestanding gondola units have the ability to create aisles within a supermarket. This helps encourage efficient customer traffic flow, and helps to establish a successful shopping experience for your customers. It’s not just our freestanding gondola units that are suitable for supermarkets. We also stock a variety of other shelving units, including wall shelving, end bays, corner bays and pegboard shelving to help maximise your shop floors space. 

If you’re on a small budget, or perhaps you’re just looking for a quick and simple refit, we also stock a selection of used supermarket shelving to help you keep your costs down. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our shelving showroom located in Leicestershire. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Magazine Shelving

There’s a lot more to shelving than meets the eye. Many people assume that shelves are solely for displaying products, and tend to just leave it as it is. These type of people are content as long as the product is out on the shop floor. They don’t tend to care about how the store, or the product itself actually looks on the shelf. Although it may not be obvious, there are different types of shelves for different types of merchandise, and implementing the best type of shelving for your store and products, can only be a positive factor.

Magazines and newspapers are a great example, as these don’t tend to sit that well on your basic flat shelving unit. If this type of product is placed inaccurately on a shelf, it can provide an inefficient shopping/browsing experience for the customer, and can damage your store’s reputation altogether. 

Magazine units offer a more efficient way of displaying magazine/newspaper products effectively. Similar to all our wall shelving products, they can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Our magazine units can also be integrated and connected with other shop shelving units, which help establish consistency within your store. Consistency is an important aspect from a customers perspective. It helps provides a stable and comfortable shopping experience, and can sometimes even produce more in the way of sales. Our magazine shelving units are available in three different heights: 1.8m, 2.1m, and 2.4m. Each unit has 8 tiers of angled magazine shelving, as well as a 470mm shelf base that’s standard for newspaper stacking, which can also be changed to any size required. 

Here at Shelving4Shops, we’re proud to state that all of our wall shelving is sturdy and durable, and can help you create numerous display options for a variety of different products. We have over 15 years of experience within the retail shelving industry, and are always happy to help you with whatever questions you may have about our products. 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Shelving4Shops Leicestershire Showroom

End Finishing Legs
Here at Shelving4Shops, we want to ensure that you make the most out of your store. However, we understand that sometimes it can get a little frustrating trying to develop and visualise a layout that appeals to customers, and fits within a budget. Our shelving show room located in Leicestershire can help you do just that. We have an extensive range of shelving units for you to browse through, and allow you to choose the best shelving and racking units to help you make the most out of your retail space. 

Whether you’re opening a completely brand new store, replacing certain units or just looking to freshen up your store, our friendly expert sales team will always be happy to help you find your ideal fit and ensure you make the best use of your shop floor space.  

If you’re struggling to visualise a shop layout that best suits you, our shop fitting showroom in Leicestershire holds a large variety of assorted shelving units and styles, in various depths and heights. We also stock and sell used racking which can be easily integrated into your current store layout. Ideal if you’re looking for a new look on a tight budget. 

At Shelving4Shops, we understand the importance of finding that ideal shelving or racking unit. Height and depth are major elements to consider when choosing new units. Having a unit thats too deep in depth create the illusion of a cramped and confined store. Merchandise can become hidden, and your customers browsing experience can be affected. Units that are too tall in height hide customers, and can pose a security threat concerning shoplifting. 

If you’re struggling to find certain shelving units to suit you, or just need some friendly advice, our shop fitting showroom in Leicestershire will enable you to visualise your ideal retail space. If you’re interested in visiting us, our showroom is located in Wolvey, Leicestershire, just off the M69. Or if you just need some quick and friendly advice on planning your shop, you can call us on 01455 221512, and our expert design team will be happy to help you create that perfect plan.