Friday, 31 May 2013

Convenience store shelving options

We have a great choice of shop shelving and accessories for convenience stores at Shelving4Shops, and can help you to choose the right shelving options to suit your floor plan and products. 

For convenience stores, it's important to have a customer-friendly store layout and a good range of shelving styles to accommodate the wide variety of stock you will need to display. Gondola shelving is perfect for creating aisles in your convenience store and provides double-sided shelving space to maximise your space. One thing to remember when choosing gondola shelving units for your store is that you pick a height that you can see over when at the sales counter, unless you are able to install security cameras, in which case you can choose a higher unit. 

Wall shelving can be placed around the edges of your floor space and can be fitted with a variety of shelving options, accessories and backings to suit your stock, from magazine shelving to pegboard backing. All our wall shelving units come with adjustable shelves that can be set at different heights and angles according to your products. Tilted shelves can be useful for displaying confectionery and paper goods.

At the end of your wall shelving and gondola shelving runs, you can place end bays and promotional bays to finish off the units neatly and provide extra space for special offers, end-of-line stock and seasonal items. And don't forget corner shelving units or dump bins for awkward corners and wasted space! 

Finally, if your convenience store will be stocking fresh, chilled or frozen items then you will need to leave space for a chiller or freezer. We can help you to choose and position the right refrigerated shelving unit for your store, as this is one of the most important purchases you will make. 

Shelving4Shops also stocks used and second hand convenience store and supermarket shelving so if you are in need of a low-cost replacement for shelving units or simply looking to save a few extra pounds on your store shelving then please ask what we have available. Get in touch with us by calling 01455 221512 or emailing, or visit our website to see some of our shop shelving and accessories range. And if you're in the Leicestershire area, please drop in to our shelving showroom for advice and guidance on the perfect shelving layout and options for your convenience store!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

New Shop Shelving for a Loughborough Pet Store

Shelving4Shops helps to provide and fit shop shelving all kinds of businesses, from food stores to shoe shops, but they don’t get much bigger than this! When approached by one recent customer to look at a 10,000 square foot pet supplies store we were happy to help.

The size of a store is never a problem for our experienced team. With tape measures at the ready we planned and quoted for the store in just a couple of days. It did take a little longer than that, however, to be ready to install the shop shelving.

When planning to open a store of any size it’s important to bear in mind the scale of the project - electrics, flooring, cleaning, toilet facilities, Wi-Fi and so much more need to be planned, checked and maintained before the doors can open for the first time.

For this pet supplies store owner it was the electrics that took the most time to get right. Being an old electrical retailer there were cables everywhere and the electrics for old display stands had to be removed before work could begin.

Being faced with such a large open space can be a little daunting (even for Henry Hoover) but work was soon under way to get the shop shelving in and the pet store opened.

Since the store stocked various bulky and awkward-shaped products, retail shelving was not always appropriate, so we supplied some wire stacking baskets to complement the wall and gondola shelving.

Whilst work carried on with the electrics – this time for the lighting – the gondola shelving and wall bays were completed.

When the Shelving4Shops team were finished and all of the retail shelving was complete, the counter was installed and all that was left to do was to position the wire stacking baskets and dump bins to complete the finished look.

Shelving4Shops supplies new and used shop shelving and accessories across the UK. We also have a showroom in Leicestershire so you can browse our products, and we always welcome our customers to come and take advantage of our design and plan service. We offer various size shelving options and accessories, including shopping baskets and holders, dump bins, wire stacking baskets, shelf risers and dividers, and much more. We hold large quantities of stock so please come and see us for a quotation and to view our stock ranges.

If you would like to arrange a quotation we can also help by phone, just call 01455 221512 or alternatively please email us at You can can also visit our website at

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Magazine, Newspaper and Card Shelving

Magazine shelving can be a valuable asset to any store. Giving your customers the opportunity to browse this morning’s headlines, pick up their favourite newspaper or choose a glossy magazine can mean that your shop is part of their daily routine. But this shop shelving is even more versatile than that; books, computer games and DVDs can all be stored on these shelving units, too.

Shelving4Shops have extended their range and now not only do we supply newspaper and magazine shelving, we can supply card display units as well.

The new card display units shown above are suitable for any size store. With a fresh, clean look they can add diversity and interest to your stock ranges, and make your store more inviting to passing trade. Card display stands are very useful for stocking paper goods and stationery, especially if you stock birthday cards for those last minute purchases.

Standard magazine shelving (shown below) is also available from Shelving4Shops. This shelving is excellent for stores that stock newspapers and magazines and need an open base shelf for storing the bulky broadsheets or the weekend newspapers.

Both magazine shelving units and card display units are strong, hard-wearing and give a clean, crisp look to any store.

If you would like to be the first to know about our new stock ranges why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or visit our website at for more information about our shop shelving and racking.

Shelving4Shops stocks thousands of bays of shop shelving and accessories, including gondola shelving, wall shelving, stacking baskets, dump bins, used shop shelving and counters. Please call us on 01455 221512,  visit our website at or email us at

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside - Shelving4shops Hits Frinton-on-Sea

I would like to say we all had a day at the beach, but this could not be further from the truth! Shelving4Shops don’t just supply and fit locally, we can also arrange to deliver anywhere in the UK.

When Mr Mabu from Frinton-on-Sea enquired about shop shelving and shop fitting for his new venture in the seaside town we were happy to help. He visited our retail shelving showroom in Leicestershire and we worked together to design a full shop plan. Mr Mabu had some big ideas for his new shop from a complete refit to a coffee and tea room. Using all these ideas and our knowledge of the industry we were able to design a plan which worked for both customer and staff. The design had a good flow and allowed maximum retail space.

The store as a blank canvas - ready for the team to start work 
It was all systems go to get the shop opened for the weekend deadline. So, with drills charged and shelving loaded we set off for a busy day at the beach. On arrival we were met with a blank canvas. The fridges were already in place so the team set to work bringing in the shelving. First, the wall shelving was installed, quickly followed by the gondola shelving. No time for the beach yet… Did someone mention a tea and coffee room?

Gondola shelving being assembled

Wall shelving is semi-assembled on the far wall the and gondolas are moved into position

End bays ready for the shelving to be added
After a couple of hours we were well on way to completion as our shelving system is very easy to install. The Shelving4Shops custom-made counter was put into place and the shop was finished by the end of the day. After a quick tidy up, all that was left for Mr Mabu to do was to stock his new retail shelving.

Gondola shelving leading through to wall shelving
End bay with peg board wall bays in front of the window
Gondola shelving with end bays 

The Shelving4Shops team sadly did not get the opportunity to enjoy a drink in Mr Mabu’s new tea and coffee room as it was completed the next day. We wish Mr Mabu the best of luck with his new venture and we will be sure to call in when we have other business in the area.

Shelving4Shops is a national company that can help with the supply of retail shelving and accessories anywhere in the UK. You can visit our showroom in Leicestershire to see our great range of products and discuss your plans. Any size store is welcome from a small convenience store to a large cash and carry, we have a solution for you.

So, if you need gondola bays or wall shelving, shopping baskets or dump bins, please give us a call on 01455 221512 or email us at You can also visit our website at to find out ore about the shelving options we have available.

Custom-made counter by Shelving4Shops

Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Trade Counter and Office for Shelving4Shops

At Shelving4Shops we never sit still for long! With an ever-increasing product list and huge range of shop shelving stock held on site, we decided that it was time to move our office and build a trade counter for customers and visitors. Our new trade counter is now open from 9am to 5.30pm on Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. We welcome all customers - old and new - to visit us in our Midlands showroom, which is currently being extended to include new stock ranges.

The journey from upstairs to downstairs took about a week and went from a store room with a concrete floor to an empty office space with a lovely new carpet in record time.

This was our new office on Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, the telephone lines were being moved and the main office move was underway.

By Saturday night – and I do mean around 9pm  we had a fully-functioning office and all that was left to do was get settled in. The trade counter was built a week later and customers are already feeling the benefit of having somewhere to discuss their plans wait in comfort while we get their order ready.

Shelving4Shops are experts in retail shelving and accessories  come and visit us to see our extensive range of retail shelving, just some of which are listed below:

·         New and used shop shelving
·         Magazine shelving
·         Gondola shelving
·         Wall shelving
·         Shopping baskets
·         Wire stacking baskets
·         Wire dump bins
·         Corner shelving
·         Peg board shelving and pegs

Visit our website to see what else we have to offer.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Shop Shelving in the Heart of the Midlands

The Shelving4Shops showroom can be found in Hinckley, in the heart of the Midlands, providing a huge range of shop shelving and accessories to retail businesses in the local area and beyond. Hinckley is an industrial town whose heritage is in hosiery. The town became an important part of the hosiery industry during the industrial revolution and its stockings and socks were sent all around the world, with customers travelling for miles to buy such top quality products. Even now Hinckley is home to several firms which produce socks and clothing, and, just a few miles away, some of the biggest names in retail choose to use this area as their base.

You may be wondering what this has to do shop shelving... Well, choosing a location for your business is hard work. You want to find a great position that provides plenty of footfall to your store, especially along routes that people use regularly for their commute to work or school. Shelving4shops knows about retail, and we feel that by being in Hinckley we are in the ideal position to help you with your shop shelving needs. This prosperous industrial town offers great transport links to motorways so we're easy to get to if you need to visit our shelving showroom. We are based just off the M69, with both the M1 and M6 only ten minutes away. So, from John O’Groats to Land's End, we are ideally situated to meet your retail shelving requirements.

Come and visit our showroom to see our shop shelving for yourself! We also operate a shop planning service, so if you don’t know quite what you are looking for you can always bring along your shop layout and we will help you to get the most out of your valuable retail space.

Hinckley is right in the heart of the Midlands, with the Shelving4Shops showroom just 30 minutes away from Birmingham and 20 minutes away from Leicester. With such a variety of shop shelving on offer there really is no need to travel anywhere else. Choose the right style and size of retail shelving for your store, including wall shelving, gondola shelving, shopping baskets, counters, dump bins, used shop shelving and much more.

Why not visit our website, email us on or call us on 01455 221512?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

End Bays & Promo Units

Gondola shelving is a very versatile use of space and can be complemented by adding end bays in order to get your products noticed. End bays add impact and give a clean and tidy look to the end of your gondola run. They are excellent for promotions and fast selling lines.

End bays come in four widths: 665mm, 800mm 1000mm, and 1250mm to suit the different depths of your gondola units. They also come in the same heights as your gondola units: 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m, so you can have totally flush, clean look to your store.

If you are deciding on the size of your gondola units or end bays, low end bays (with a height of 1.4m or 1.6m) are a standard size for a small to medium store. High end bays (with a height of 1.8m to 2.4m) would normally be found in large cash and carries, large convenience stores or supermarkets.


You can customise your end bays with shelving, stacking baskets or peg board, and add shelf risers and dividers to your shelving, depending on your stock. Whether it’s sweets, crisps, batteries, hair accessories or drinks bottles, we have a configuration to suit your needs.

Second hand shop shelving and accessories are also available. Please visit our showroom to see what we have in stock.

Shelving4shops has a design and planning service to help customers choose the right products for their space, so if you are unsure of your requirements please send us a plan of your store and let our experienced team take a look for you. We could save you time and money and you can even take away your order on the same day.

Why not visit our shop shelving showroom to have a look at our extensive range of gondola shelving, wall shelving, end bays, second hand retail shelving, racking, stacking baskets and much more.  Our experienced team are happy discuss your needs. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you want to order you can call us and order over the phone on 01455 221512 or visit our website at