Saturday, 31 October 2015

Keep pace with increasing demand

Nowadays, we are all too aware that the retail trade is fast moving and ever-changing. The changes can be large and wide-ranging, or the smaller everyday changes that affect the flow of customers through shop doors.

When it comes to your own customers, they too are in a changing world, and frequently demand up-to-date service and up-to-date supplies as well as a wide range of choice. A wide choice means larger displays which we can help you provide. Shelving4Shops appreciate this demand, and we're willing to accommodate yours and your customers' preferences. 

Shelving4Shops understand the need for updating and ensuring your shop offers a modern service. We can assist you with keeping abreast of today's demand, helping you to update your premises by supplying equipment and shelving to accommodate the varied and interesting range of stock that your customers demand.

Both our wall shelving and gondola shelving come in different heights and widths, providing as much extra space as you need. The units can be placed end-to-end, giving a long run of shelving capable of holding a wide variety of goods. If that isn’t sufficient, we also have corner shelving of different heights and base sizes which can fit into corner spaces that may otherwise be wasted. Dump bins can also be utilised and placed near checkouts, to give extra stock for the customer to browse whilst waiting to pay.  

Whatever the space available, we can help you to maximise on it. Just give us a call on 01455 221512 if you need more help to keep pace with the changing speed of customer demand.   

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Time and space

One thing everybody has is space and time - the thing that sets us apart from each other is how much we have and what we do with it. We might spend a lot of time moaning about the fact that we don’t have enough space, and we might employ our time better by thinking creatively about how to use the space we do have.  

If there is no possibility of increasing your ground floor space it could well be time to stop bemoaning the lack of it and start to think more positively. What is it that you want to achieve with the space that you have available to you? By being clear about your objectives, you can begin to work towards the goals that you have in mind.  

One need might be to increase display space for a particular product, and to do this you may find that you can increase your shelving heights.  For instance, the 2.4m high wall shelving that Shelving4Shops offers might just give that extra bit of space that you need. 

You can rearrange the shelves on our units to suit your product. Our wall shelves offer various depths suitable for a diverse range of products, and to enable flexibility the shelves can be rearranged easily every time that you want to change your display. The units of shelving can also be connected together to create one long run, which looks tidy as well as being an efficient use of available space.  

Give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512 if you would like to discuss ways in which we can help you to achieve more shelving space for your needs.  

The psychological approach

Although psychology is a big part of the art of selling, it has to be acknowledged that no matter how many good ideas you might have, in the end you have to have the right equipment with which to display and help sell your products.  

One idea, which is well liked by both the customer and the retailer, is to provide seating in your store. Weary customers can take advantage of the generosity of the store, and once seated they are usually facing posters, adverts, and shelves displaying carefully selected merchandise which they had not previously thought of purchasing. Seating a customer also increases the time they spend in a store which, of course, also increases sales. A well-rested customer is often better than a tired one!

If you want to take advantage of this kind of provision for customers, you will need a good display of clean-looking, reliable shelving such as Shelving4Shops can supply.  

You might choose to put magazines in a prominent place, for example, as the glossy pictures attract the eye and there seems to be a magazine for every interest under the sun! Men, women, and children are all drawn to browse amongst the wide ranging subjects.  

 Magazine Shelving

Shelving4Shops magazine units are well suited to meet your requirements, whatever magazines you choose to display, as the units are adjustable to serve your purposes. They can be connected to other shelving units or stand alone. The base shelf can be used for stacking bulkier newspapers, and can be supplied in different sizes as needed. Shelves can be adjusted to catch the eye of the intended customer, for example using lower shelves for children, stocking certain magazines specifically catered to them where they can reach them easily.  

If you would like more information about our magazine shelving or any other shelving units or shop equipment, give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512, or call in to see it for yourself at our Leicestershire showroom at Hinckley Road,  Wolvey, LE10 3JG. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Simplicity inspires creativity

In the business of life, we are sometimes so taken up with cramming everything into the day that in the end we achieve very little; before we have barely taken time to complete one task, we are moving onto the next.

Often the ethos seems to be that more is better - but is it really true? When the pace of life is slower and we pause long enough to think, we actually get time to enjoy and value what is happening. It’s the same when it comes to shops - when the shelves aren’t full to bursting, you can see the products more clearly and actually appreciate them much more.  When there is less clutter, there is more room for imagination and inspiration.

Although you can stack our shelving high with no problems, a better option may be to take time to space things out a little more. All our shelving is adjustable, so you can put goods as close together as you like, or make them more widely spaced if you want to give a less cluttered appearance. Your customers may welcome stock that isn't crammed onto the shelves, as it gives them the opportunity to be more creative in their own thinking and planning.  

The components of our shelving are interchangeable, and therefore it is easy to configure them to suit your needs. They are also free-standing, to enable you to put them where you like without the bother of detaching and reattaching them to walls. You don’t need to worry if you choose to stock heavy items on them either, as the units are made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, and are therefore both tough and well-built.

Give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512 if you would like to discuss your needs for shelving in more detail, or browse our website to see how we can meet your needs for reliable and versatile shelving in your store.  

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Thanks to the media, there is often an emphasis on everything being the same. We are encouraged to wear the same jeans, eat the same health food, drive the same fast car, or shop in the same shops - but sameness creates boredom! 

One thing which can make your store appealing is being different to the one next door. Customers often seek out something a little bit different, and if you can equip and decorate your store in a new way you may well entice more customers through the door, simply because of the difference.  

Therefore, it's important to give considerable thought to your floor plan when thinking about equipping your shop to draw in more trade. When the doors of your store open to a bright eye-catching display, which is interesting as well as different, inquistive customers will be drawn in.  

If you have a convenience store, you can put together a variety of wall shelving, gondola shelving, peg boarding and dump bins to create a unique and individual experience for your customer. Whilst catering for customers’ day-to-day needs, you can take advantage of the versatility that is a particular characteristic of our shelving supplies. Put together runs of gondola shelving and finish off with an end bay, on which you can have an eye-catching display. A dump bin can be placed near the checkout to give extra interest, with special offers or bargain buys. Because our shelving is adjustable, you can accommodate a changing display with ease, and therefore maintain interest for the customer who regularly returns.  Shelving can be moved up or down, whilst peg boarding can also be altered to suit the products on display.  

Give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512 to find out how we can help you to give your store unique appeal, by supplying you with our versatile new and used shelving.  

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Colour blocks

Of course we usually think of shelving as a very necessary and physical need for a business, whatever is being sold, but shelving can do much more than just hold stock. If it is used imaginatively, it can be transformed into an aesthetic and creative opportunity.  
Usually goods are displayed in categories - the same sort of things being displayed together, to enable customers to find what they are looking for. It makes sense to have some sort of method, but even when the goods that you are selling are fairly utilitarian, imaginative use of colour and form can be an added bonus. 
Bold blocks of colour will make people look twice, and what they didn’t notice at first they will register as they look again. This is an especially useful tactic to employ if you have a special promotion. By placing a promotional bay at the end of a gondola run, the customer will be guided to the product and linger to learn more. Be careful to ensure that the widths of the shelving units are the same, otherwise not only will you create an untidy look, but you may also introduce a trip hazard. By ensuring that the heights of the racks are also the same, you will have created a neat and professional looking display.
A promotional bay, or end bay as it is sometimes known, is a shelving unit which can be placed on the front or back of anexisting gondola rack. 
Because our racking is interchangeable, it is easy to change the display whenever you want, and therefore as seasons change and demand changes with it, our shelving systems are ideal to accommodate the different needs and different promotions. 
Call Shelving4Shops if you would like to discuss the shelving that we offer or if you want a quote for your existing plans. Call us on 01455 221512, or visit our showrooms at Hinckley Road, Wolvey, Leicestershire LE10 3JG to see more of our shelving solutions.