Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Keep Your Retail Shelving Displays Interesting

Keeping your retail shelving displays appealing and interesting can help drive customers into your store and boost sales of popular, promotional and end-of-line products. The arrangement of both your shelving units and your products can have an affect on your overall revenue, especially during holiday season when placement really counts.

retail shelving

There are five main areas of shelving display that you need to be aware of when arranging your store:

1) Window Displays: Your window display is the first thing customers see as they walk past or into your shop. Keep your window shelving updated and intriguing with seasonal goods, bright signage and popular items;

2) Core Stock Display: This is where you display your most popular items - the products that your customers are probably specifically coming in to buy. Keeping these items in the same place helps customers find what they need quickly and easily, and these shelves must always be well-stocked, neat and tidy;

end bay shop shelving

3) Promotional Bays: End bays, corner bays and promotional bays can be used to stock special items, promotional products and end-of-line stock that you want to draw attention to. Use signage and clever arrangements to give these areas impact;

4) Sale Shelving Areas: If you always place sale items in the same shelving units, customers will know where to look when they want a good deal. Mix in other promotional products to encourage extra purchases and customers will automatically assume they're saving money;

5) Counter Displays: Placing certain goods on the counter or in a line of dump bins where your customers queue can increase impulse buys and boost your sales, especially if you display seasonal products like Christmas chocolates or greetings cards.

Moving your shelving around or changing the configuration of your store by adding pegboard shelving, magazine racking or extra shelves can help to give the appearance of newness in your shop and provide a sense of novelty to customers, encouraging them to see products they might have otherwise walked past.

All in all, your shelving arrangement is dependent on the space you have available and the products you stock - and if you need help deciding on the right kind of shelving for your store, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops and we'll be happy to advise you. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Shop Shelves and Accessories Ready for Christmas!

In the run up to Christmas, you might want to think about sprucing up your store with additional shop shelves and accessories to ensure that you have enough display space for extra seasonal stock. Shop shelving units come in many different styles and sizes to suit a variety of settings, and can be adapted according to your particular needs or the stock you need to display. We have a great range of shop shelves for sale online or from our Leicestershire showroom, and our retail experts can even help you to design the perfect floor plan for your store.

shop shelves and accesories

Changing the configuration of your shop shelves and display units can be a simple way to refresh your store and provide a bit of novelty to encourage impulse buys. There are several ways to achieve this that won't cost you much to do, including:

  • Swapping the backing of your wall shelving or gondola units with pegboard to provide display space for a broader range of products, including awkwardly-shaped items that would look best hanging from hooks;
  • Adding extra shelves to existing shelving units to offer extra shelving space;
  • Segregating and organising products with shelf risers and dividers to help your shop shelving look neat and ordered;
  • Adding dump bins or stacking wire baskets to empty corners or areas of your shop for easily moveable displays. You can also line up dump bins in front of the counter to create a queuing area and grab a few extra spontaneous buys while customers wait to be served;
  • Update shelving units or change the arrangement of your shop shelving for a more efficient configuration, creating better traffic flow around your store;
  • Think vertical and add extra shelving above existing wall shelves to draw the eye upwards and display seasonal items;
  • Refresh your window displays and counter displays to reflect the festive season and showcase special products.
For a full range of shop shelving and accessories to help you get sorted for Christmas, visit www.shelving4shops.co.uk or come and browse at our Leicestershire shelving showroom!