Friday, 27 September 2013

Shop Shelving Showcase Displays

Create a little variety in your shop shelving by switching up your showcase displays regularly to highlight promotions, popular products and end-of-line items. By stacking and organising your products in an attractive way on your shop shelving, customers will be drawn into your store and encouraged to browse through each aisle and shelf. Gondola shelving is ideal for this, as it creates aisles within your store space and provides double-sided shelving to promote a wide range of items. Wall mounted shelving is easily accessible, while pegboard shelving allows you to stock many different sized products, and hang items that are difficult to stack on a shelf.

wall mounted shop shelving

Sometimes the right kind of shelving can boost an average product to a desirable one - it's all about positioning, arrangement, signage and promotion. Think about the overall aesthetic of your store:

  • Is your store clean and tidy?
  • Is your store bright and well-maintained?
  • Is your store colourful or coordinated?
  • Do products and promotions have clear signage?
  • Is it easy for customers to browse your shelving?
  • Are similar items grouped together?
  • Does your store smell fresh, clean and inviting? (Fresh produce like baked goods, coffee and tea, fruit and vegetables can all bring a tasty element to the scent of your store.)

Brighten up your shop shelving with clear signs, Epos ticket strips and promotional material to entice customers around the store. When you have a promotional product in stock, place it in clear view on an end bay or in a prominent position and draw attention to it!

shop shelving accessories

Your retail displays have a huge effect on your sales, so it's worth choosing high quality, durable shop shelving that can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of products. All our shelves at Shelving4Shops are height adjustable so you can vary your shelving configuration whenever you need to. Add-ons like end bays, corner shelving units, shelving accessories, dividers and risers, ticket strips, dump bins and wire stacking baskets all provide additional shelving space and allow you to highlight specific products for showcase displays.

For help choosing the right shelving for your store, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops or visit our Leicestershire showroom to browse our complete range of shopfittings and shelving accessories.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


We all like a good old moan that Christmas gets earlier every year! By October (or September for some stores), the Christmas products start to hit the shop shelves and Christmas songs blare out from over the speaker systems.

So, almost half way through September, it’s time to start thinking about the Christmas displays and what stock you will have on offer. Of course it’s not just Christmas that comes round every year, winter does too, so shelves full of ice scrapers, de-icer, gloves and cold remedies also need to be ordered in time for the new season.

However, ordering the stock (and the cheesy Christmas album) isn’t the only thing you need to do to get the most from the new season. Store owners always need to think about the next promotion and how best to display it. Would the gloves do better in a dump bin by the counter so people pick them up while waiting to pay or would they look better on a peg board end bay that you can see as you walk through door? 

peg board shelving
Peg Board Display 
As a store owner there is so much to think about and it can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why Shelving4Shops is here to help with all of your shop shelving requirements.

Shelving4Shops offers advice and a store planning service or every customer, helping you to decide on how best to set out your shop shelving to maximise sales. This might include adding a new canopy to fit over existing shelves, or a new promotional end bay so that you can draw attention to promotional products. Peg board panels can easily replace plain ones and new hooks allow you display a range of products, saving you lots of space on your shop shelving.
peg board shelving
Peg board promo bay 

Of course, if you don’t have the space for a complete new promotional end bay, there are always tiered wire shelves that are so small and light they can fit into even the smallest of spaces, or why not freshen up your shelves with new EPOS strips in green or red to show off Christmas sections of your store.
tiered wire shelving
Tiered wire shelves - light and great for a tight space 
There's no no time to lose, Christmas really is just around the corner! So if you need to update your wall or gondola shelving, buy some new EPOS or add some extra shelves, or choose some additional shelving accessories like dump bins, wire stacking baskets, shelf risers or shopping baskets, visit our website at, visit our Midlands-based showroom or call us on 01455 221512.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Using End Caps and End Bays with Gondola Shelving

Gondola end bays and end caps are the perfect way to finish a shelving run and provide a neat and effective space for promotional displays.

end bay shop shelving

Making the most of all the available shop space is vital for a successful store and end bays provide a useful way of filling dead space without sacrificing floor space. There's no need to rearrange your shelving to accommodate an extra shelving unit, simply add an end bay onto the end of an existing run of wall or gondola shelving for an immediate fresh facelift for your store!

Most convenience and retail stores use gondola shelving to create aisles and divide the shop floor into sections. End bays fit at the end of these runs at the same height for a seamless finish and add an entire extra unit of adjustable shelves.

gondola shelving

End bays are ideal for promotional displays, seasonal items, end-of-line stock, and for creating an impact when customers enter the store. End bay and end cap units can be used with shelving, slatwall panels and pegboard backing and also offer an extra base shelf for bulky or large items.

There really are no downsides to adding end bays to your shop shelving, so if you haven't already, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops to find out about the range of end bays we have in stock. If we don't have the right height in store, we can source used shop shelving to match with your existing units. Call us on 01455 221512 or visit us online at

Retailers Need to Maximise Customer Experience to Survive

According to retail director at Google UK Peter Fitzgerald, retailers need to put customers first and make sure products and services are available whenever they need them. Going the extra mile for your consumers helps to improve customer experience and encourages sales, allowing your business to stay afloat in this challenging financial climate.

retail shelving

Does your business have a website? Are there products in your stock that you could make available to buy online? Perhaps you could offer a 'click and collect' service for local customers so they can make purchases online and collect from your store at a time that's convenient? 72% of UK customers own a smartphone and 50% use a mobile device to make purchases, so it's useful - if not essential - for at least your business details to be online. 

Following the recession, the retail industry has made slow and difficult progress and any way that improves your business should be grabbed with both hands - in this case, making your customer experience as good as it can be. This doesn't just mean being online for web customers, it means providing excellent customer service in store, a well-presented shop with neat and tidy retail shelving, an easy layout to your store for convenient browsing, and staff who go above and beyond to make customers happy. 

shop shelving accessories
There are several ways of using your shop layout and shelving to maximise sales, too, such as:

  • Positioning popular and higher priced items at eye-level
  • Keeping shelving neat and ordered
  • Grouping similar items together to promote cross-purchases
  • Placing dump bins and wire stacking baskets in spare areas to increase the amount of products on display
  • Organising promotional end bays and seasonal displays
  • Keeping your window display fresh and interesting
  • Utilising all available shelving space such as with peg board shelving
  • Creating a user-friendly 'flow' to your shop traffic using gondola shelving runs
  • Incorporating refrigerated shelving into your store to offer fresh, chilled and frozen produce
  • Adding fill-in products so that customers can find everything they need from your store
Maximising your customer satisfaction is the main factor in keeping your sales healthy and ensuring that your store stays in business! For help planning your store layout or for assistance in choosing the right shop shelving for your needs, please call us on 01455 221512 for expert advice, visit us online at or come and see our range of retail shelving at our Midlands showroom. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Boost Sales with Fill-in Products

A little extra shop shelving can allow you to offer existing customers extra products to encourage repeat business and acquire new customers. Have you thought about adding fill-in products to your stock to help boost sales? Many convenience stores and local retail shops are taking advantage of this simple method to maximise purchases by providing customers with a wider range of products so that they don't need to travel all the way to the supermarket. 

shop shelving accessories

Feature displays and extra products for commonly purchased fill-in items bring new consumers into your store and encourage regular customers to buy additional products when they visit. The type of fill-ins you stock will depend on your area, your other products and your customers, and might include:

  • Pet food and supplies
  • Health and beauty products
  • Home and garden products
  • Seasonal goods
  • Clothing, accessories and shoes
  • Car supplies and accessories
  • Paper goods

Local shoppers often don't want to drive all the way to a department store or supermarket to buy just a few items, so stocking popular products in a convenience store means that you can capture an extra sector of business. 

shop shelving accessories

If you have enough existing shelving for extra products, great! But if not, you might want to consider upgrading or adapting your shelving layout to allow for a new range of items. Gondola shelving is ideal for this as it provides double-sided shelving for maximum display space. Wire stacking baskets and dump bins also offer extra shelving at very little cost, enabling you to create displays in any spare area of your store, for example a line of bins by the counter where customers are queuing. End caps or end bays neaten up gondola and wall shelving runs and provide a whole extra unit of shelving to display seasonal and promotional items - perfect for fill-in products.

Fill-in products are the ideal "grab and go" sales, generating extra impulse buys and making your convenience store live up to its name as a convenient local shop!

If you need help brainstorming your shelving layout or working out which fill-in products might suit your clientele, talk to us at Shelving4Shops by calling 01455 221512 or visit our Midlands showroom to speak to one of our experienced retail shelving staff.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Corner Shelving for Shops and Stores

Corner shelving is a great way of maximising your retail space. Corner bays can stand alone but are usually attached to your wall shelving and are a great way to use every amount of space available. You can also match corner shelving to the depth of your wall mounted shelves for a seamless look to your store.

corner shelving
Corner unit set up for display in our Showroom
Utilising your corners in this way can add a real professional finish to your shop shelving and can make a real impact on your customers’ ability to browse around your store. If there are breaks or an untidy finish in your shop shelving arrangement, customers are far more likely to cut their visit short or just pick up what they need.

In addition to corner shelving units and wall bays, you'll need other types of shelving to make your retail space as efficient and cost-effective as possible, such as gondola bays, dump bins, a shop counter and shelving accessories. Shelving4shops can offer a great solution for every store - come and visit our showroom to see what our great team has to offer.

Stand alone corner unit
Taking the time to decide exactly what you need is key to saving possibly hundreds of pounds on your shop shelving, this means having a detailed plan of your store layout. For instance: where should you position your fridges and freezers? What size shelving do you need? How much aisle space does there need to be? All of these questions can be answered by the Shelving4shops team and we're happy to spend some time with you to help you find the right shop shelving package. We work closely with our colleagues at Fridge Freezers Direct to offer a shop shelving, accessories and refrigerated shelving to complete your store perfectly.
Gondola shop shelving unit
Shelving4Shops is based just off the M69 at Hinckley, so why not pop in and see us? Alternatively, visit our website at or call us on 01455 221512.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Creating a Fresh Looking Store on a Budget

How important is the appearance of your shop shelving? Well, have you ever walked into a store just to turn around and walk straight back out again? If a store looks tired and shabby, people are far less likely to buy, or even stick around to see what's on offer. After all, if you don’t pay attention to your shelving, it makes customers wonder if you pay attention to your stock, too.

In the current financial climate it can be hard to find the funds for a full store refit, but many store owners are saving some cash by buying component parts to replace those that have worn out or broken, updating their store without breaking their budget. 

Epos strips, for example, are a cheap and effective way to put the life back into your store. At around £1.20 per metre, this is an easy way to create a newer looking store for very little money. It’s also a great way to show customers where your seasonal or special offers are by using a contrasting Epos and drawing attention a particular shelving unit or end bay.

epos ticket strips
Old and broken EPOS strip 
epos ticket strips
New EPOS Strip
Shelving can also get  damaged over time but you don’t necessarily need to replace the whole gondola or wall bay, simply buy one of our shelf packs from £12.00 per meter and get all of the Epos and brackets included.
shop shelving packs
Shelf packs - updating your shop shelving doesn't have to cost the earth

shop shelving
New shelving suitable for wall bays or gondola units 
If you have started stocking new lines such as batteries, hair accessories or even ice scrapers that you need to display on a peg board unit, you can save money on a while new unit by simply replacing the back panel of an existing shelving unit. This cheap and temporary method allows you to replace your shelves when you are not using the peg board display.

peg board shelving
Peg board display with hooks 
There are many ways to update your store without spending a fortune, such as new shopping baskets or investing in some dump bins for special offers. There are all sorts of shelving accessories you can add to your store to give it a fresh feel and keep your stock looking neat and tidy.

shopping basket stacker
Add a basket stacker to keep your baskets clean and tidy 
dump bins
Wire Dump Bins - at just £20.00 plus VAT a great way to add detail to your store 
shopping baskets
Update your shopping baskets to get customers picking one up as they come through the door at just £4.00 plus VAT!
Why not visit our website at and take a look at what we have to offer? And for second hand shop shelving and accessories, please visit our showroom just off the M69 in Hinckley or call us 01455 221512.

Make the Most of a Small Store with Shop Shelving

One of the main challenges of fitting out any retail store is making the most out of the space you have available. Finding an efficient shelving layout is all about the type of shelving you choose and ensuring that your shelving provides you with everything you need to stock your range of products in a customer-friendly way.

corner shelving
Corner Shelving Unit

The right shelving will allow you to easily stock a variety of different products and offer customers an easy route through your store. A cluttered store looks uninviting and can be a pain to maintain. An understocked store looks a bit sad and unprofessional. A well-stocked, efficient store with a user-friendly layout will provide you with maximum sales and happy customers!

When you have limited space in your store, it's essential to choose the right shelving to maximise your display space without making the area feel cramped. Here are a few ways of achieving this:

Gondola Shelving:  Gondola units are perfect for making the most of a small or medium-sized show as they are double-sided so offer maximise shelf space. Placed lengthways they can also create aisles which lead customers through your store and allow for more foot traffic to pass through. Choose from different widths and heights to suit your shopping area perfectly.

Wall Shelving:  Wall shelving is a versatile option for any store, allowing you to adapt the backing (slat shelving, pegboard or standard shelving), shelf height and angle for a range of products. Join units together to make a run against a wall and finish with corner units or wire shelving to make sure there are no unused areas. Make use of base shelves on wall shelving and gondola shelving to stock bulky or oversized items.

wall shelving
Magazine Wall Shelving

Peg Board Shelving: A great option for small stores, peg board backing allows for a slimline shelving unit that can hold a variety of goods on hooks or shelves. Multiple holes across the shelving unit allow you to reconfigure your shelving however you want, easily and quickly, to suit different products and lines.

peg board shelving
Peg Board Shelving
Corner Units and End Bays: Making the best use of space can be achieved by capping the end of shelving runs and using every nook and cranny in your store! End bays neatly finish off a gondola run while corner shelving units allow you to display items in an otherwise dead space.

Refrigerated Shelving: If you're stocking fresh, chilled or frozen produce you'll obviously need refrigerated shelving, and these units can be an excellent investment for any store, coming in a range of sizes to suit your space. Place your refrigerated unit at the very back of your store to encourage customers to come right in and pass by other products to encourage spontaneous purchases.

Shop Shelving Accessories: Smaller shelving accessories like stacking wire baskets, dump bins, shelf risers and dividers, and shopping baskets can all help to make your store run efficiently and make the most of your store display area. Dump bins and wire baskets are collapsible so can easily be moved whenever you need to.

Shelving4Shops can help you to find the right retail shelving options for your store as well as assisting in the planning and layout of your shelving. Get in touch with us to find out more about our range of new and used shop shelving and racking.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Shop Shelving for Pet Stores

If you run a pet store, make the very best of your store space with the right shop shelving and accessories, maximising the amount of stock you can display and optimise your customer experience. Is it time for you to update your retail shelving?

One of the challenges pet stores face in terms of shelving and display is that stock can often be pretty heavy! If you haven't got durable shelving that can cope with the weight of cat litter or bags of dried food, you'll be forking out for new shelving units before you should be. And if your shelving configuration isn't flexible enough for you to display a wide range of pet accessories and products then you'll be losing revenue by trying to cram products into insufficient or inappropriate shelving areas.

Choosing the right shelving for your pet shop is essential to bring the best return on your products and help your business to thrive in the current financial climate.

peg board gondola shelving for pet stores

Here are a few suggestions for improving your pet store layout using efficient and reliable shelving units:
  • Wall Shelving - Use the vertical wall space in your store to provide versatile shelving options to suit a variety of products. Change the height and angle of your shelves according to your needs and add shelf risers and dividers to keep displays neat.
  • Gondola Shelving - Gondola shelving creates aisles in your store and directs foot traffic through the shop, maximising customer exposure to products and providing you with double-sided shelving units to display a greater amount of stock.
  • Peg Board Shelving - This shelving is great for pet stores as it allows you to hang and display a wide range of products from hooks or on shelves. A great space-saver in small areas and a hugely versatile style of shop shelving. 
  • End Bays - These units help to cap a shelving run neatly and provide an extra set of shelving that can be used for end-of-line stock, specialist items, promotional products or seasonal displays.
  • Wire Shelving and Dump Bins - Fill every corner of your pet shop with flexible and temporary shelving like stacking wire baskets and dump bins. Great for awkwardly-shaped products that don't sit well on a shelf, or for encouraging spontaneous purchases at the tills.
pet shop shelving

Get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops for more advice on fitting out your pet store and to find out more about our range of shop shelving and accessories. Call on 01455 221512 or visit us online at

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Retail Growth Continues to Rise

Good news! According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), figures for the retail industry have risen slowly but steadily over the last three months. The food sector has performed particularly well, with a rise of 5.7% during July as the summer heatwave drove up sales of food and alcohol - the highest growth since September 2011. Outdoor items and clothing sales have also increased over the summer months, and UK head of retail at Deloitte Ian Geddes commented that “the recovery is building momentum.”

“This is the third consecutive month-on-month rise and while we do not expect a return to pre-recession levels of consumer spending growth, there are increasing signs that purse strings are just beginning to loosen.”

Supermarkets report a sharp 2.5% rise in sales with weekly spend averages rising from £6.7bn to £7bn in the past year, though specialists still warn that many high street stores and companies are still struggling and will face a challenge over the winter as consumer spending winds down.

One way to tackle "sustainable recovery" in retail is to overhaul your business model, including looking at the products and customer experience you offer, and the way your store is physically set out. Sometimes a change in configuration of your shop shelving and general appearance of your store can make a huge impact on your sales. Flexible and space-efficient store shelving can maximise customer experience as well as encouraging extra sales and spontaneous buys. Using gondola shelving, wall shelving and shelving accessories to make your store as appealing and efficient as possible will increase the amount of time customers spend in store, improve your return custom, and therefore boost sales.

For help reconfiguring your shop shelving layout, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops for experienced advice in planning your store. We offer a huge range of shop shelving, including gondola shelving, wall shelving, peg board shelving, wire stacking shelving and a selection of shelving accessories. We also stock used shop shelving to help you save some extra cash when fitting out your store!

Used Shop Shelving from Shelving4Shops

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tips for Fitting Out a New Store with Shop Shelving

Fitting out a new store with shop shelving and racking can be a great opportunity to maximise the potential of your layout from the very beginning. Opening a new shop is exciting, nervewracking and a lot of work, but the Shelving4Shops team have over 15 years' experience in helping new businesses get set up and ready for opening day, from the planning stages to the physical fitting of your shop shelving.

Starting with an empty shell, plan out your shop shelving layout to optimise the success of your store - where you place your shelving and shop fittings really has an impact on how much your customers spend during each visit. Here are a few tips on fitting out your new store to create the best shelving configuration and design possible. 

Creating Aisles with Gondola Shelving - Gondola shelving is double-sided freestanding shelving that is perfect for creating aisles up and down your store space. Link gondola units together to form a 'run' of shelving that you can stock with products either side. Use these partitions to determine how your customers will move through your store, guiding traffic to different areas to maximise exposure to your stock.

gondola shelving

Stocking Shelves - Generally, products at eye-level perform better than products lower down on the shelves so consider which popular products are going to bring you the most return, and place them accordingly. Avoid having over-crowded or under-stocked shelves, and keep your shop shelving neat, clean and tidy with clear signage and pricing information.

Product Displays Think about the areas in your store that will have the most visual impact for customers - perhaps an end bay of a gondola facing the front door, or wall space next to your shop counter. And don't forget about your window displays - make the most of seasonal goods and provide passing customers with an enticing display to bring them into your store.

Maximise Space - Configure your shop shelving to make the best of your floor area, ensuring that customers have plenty of room to move between aisles and browse without bumping into anything! Pegboard shelving can be useful to save on space and allows you to display a wide range of products on hooks and shelves. If space is really an issue, think vertical and add extra shelves above head height to store additional stock, or place dump bins and corner shelving in every available nook and cranny.

peg board shelving

Coordinate your Shelving - Use matching Epos strips, promotional material, lighting and colour to coordinate your store and bring a sense for consistency. Play to your customers' senses and use music and scent to entice them in and keep them shopping for longer!

Shop shelving lies at the core of your store fit out so make sure you choose good quality, reliable, flexible shelving - ask for help from our experienced staff at Shelving4Shops to ensure your store is arranged as effectively as possible!