Thursday, 28 February 2013

How to Assemble Wall Shelving

When you've chosen the right kind of retail shelving, supermarket shelving or shop shelving for your store, you can either collect it from our warehouse or we can deliver it to you. Then all that's left is to assemble your shelving units! We will provide you with the instructions you need to do this, but we can also assist you with putting your shelving together if you need a little help.

Here are the basics to assembling wall shelving units:

1. Clear your space and make sure that the floor and walls are clean.

2. Lay out your equipment and tools to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

3. Fit the foot of the shelving unit to the vertical posts, using a rubber mallet to ensure that they are fitted together securely and are level.

4. Using a spanner, unwind the levellers on each foot so that they are equal and level. You can then readjust them once you have your unit in place to compensate for uneven floors or other variables.

5. Insert the first back panel in between the posts - you may need a second pair of hands to help you with this step - and ensure the 'teeth' at the bottom of the back panel fit correctly into the posts.

6. Continue to add the rest of the back panels until they reach the top of the unit. Use a spirit level to ensure each panel is straight as you go.

7. Fit the base plinth at the bottom of the unit, at the front of the feet.

8. Now you can start to add your shelves, slotting the brackets into the slots on the posts at equal heights each side. You can also angle the shelf to display certain products like paper goods.

9. Add Epos ticket strips to the front of each shelf so that you can easily add product information and pricing.

10. Your wall shelving unit is complete! You can now connect it to other units to form a run, or add an end bay to finish off your shelving neatly.


If you need any help planning, choosing, delivering or setting up your wall shelving, simply give us a call at Shelving4Shops on 01455 221512, visit us online at or come along to our Leicestershire retail shelving warehouse.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shop Shelving Display Tips to Boost Sales

Use your shop shelving and displays to boost sales! The way your shop is laid out makes a huge difference to how well certain products sell - customers are influenced by the layout and displays within your store and the way you arrange your shop shelving can encourage more impulse buys and increased interest in carefully displayed products.
Visual merchandising and the positioning of your retail shelving drives traffic around your store, directing them to the products they want (and the products they didn't realise they wanted until right that moment!) so it's important to take some time to effectively market your products. 

First of all, your shop should be clean, tidy and easy to navigate - provide customers with as much space to move between aisles as possible, including those who are in wheelchairs or pushing buggies and pushchairs. Narrow aisles and difficulty moving around a store can be a real turn-off for customers. Keep your shelving well stocked and presented in an aesthetically pleasing way, ensuring that any signage is clear, accurate and relevant. Place complementary items together to make it even easier for customers to find what they need and encourage 'add on' sales.
First impressions count, so make sure that promotional product displays are in clear view as soon as a customer enters the store. Other promotional offers and seasonal products can be displayed on shop shelving that can be seen through the front window or on end bays at the ends of aisles. Make use of awkward areas and corners by placing impulse buys on corner bays and in dump bins so that no space is wasted.
For help with planning your store layout to maximise efficiency and sales, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops where we stock a huge range of new and used shop shelving, including:

Friday, 22 February 2013

Used Shop Shelving

At Shelving4Shops we understand the need to save money on your shop fixtures and shelving equipment. That's why we offer a range of used shop shelving and accessories so that even stores with the tightest budget can find a selection of shelving units to suit their requirements.
Perhaps you're fitting out a new shop, or simply replacing old and worn out shelving bays - whatever your needs, used shop shelving is a great choice for anyone looking to save some cash without sacrificing on the quality of their shelving.

grey used shop shelving

We offer used shelving for the smallest corner shop to large department stores and supermarkets and offer a variety of shelving options, including:
  • Used supermarket shelving
  • Used retail shelving
  • Used gondola shelving
  • Used wall shelving bays
  • Used peg board shelving
  • Used magazine shelving
  • Used end bays
  • Used corner bays
  • Used shelving accessories

Our warehouse in Leicestershire showcases a huge range of new and used shelving equipment, and our shelving experts will be happy to help you with planning, delivering and setting up your shelving.
If you're trying to make a little extra money to finance your refit or refurbishment, you might want to consider selling your old shelving and store fittings, too. We buy and sell used shop shelving and our team are able to dismantle and remove your shop fittings quickly and efficiently.

used shelving
Used Gondola ShelvingUsed Supermarket ShelvingSupermarket Shelving

Come and visit our showroom in Wolvey, Leicestershire to see our complete range of used and new shop shelving, or to discuss your needs further. We can collect and deliver across the UK.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

New Stock: Vegetable Rack Displays

Shelving4Shops has just added another product to its ever-expanding stock range of shop shelving and shop fittings. Vegetable racks are a great way of displaying fruit and veg in an attractive way, without needing to use the more common method of tilting shelves. This great display technique frees up vital retail space, allowing you to maximise your existing shelving and display more products, helping to increase profits.

Vegetable stands can be placed inside or outside convenience stores, and provide an attractive display area at the front of any shop which may encourage customers to come in and browse your fresh produce. These compact stands are a great addition to our retail shelving and wire basket range. Other products in a similar style include:

  • Wire dump bins: Dump bins are a great addition to any retail store, filling up awkward spaces and providing a place to display end-of-line products and odd-shaped goods without taking up shelf space.
  • Wire stacking baskets: These baskets are designed to sit directly onto a shelf or be stacked against a wall, or at the end of a gondola run. Common uses for wire stacking baskets include displaying crisps, fruit and vegetables, hardware products and impulse buys.
  • Wire shelf risers: Risers are a great way to display confectionery like sweets and biscuits, or any goods that require tilting shelves.
For help and advice on planning and refitting your retail store please call Shelving4Shops on 01455 221513 or visit us online at

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Supermarket Shelving

Whether you are in need of supermarket shelving or shop fittings you have come to the right place! Shelving4Shops supplies a wide range of retail shelving, convenience store shelving, and supermarket shelving products, including:

Shelving4Shops' customer base spans a range of stores with individual and varying requirements, such as high volume shop fitting companies 
who need large accessible stocks of shelving and fixtures and a fast turn
around. We also serve smaller independent retailers who need the odd shelf or two to finish of an awkwardly shaped corner or empty wall - we are always able to supply the right kind of shop fittings to our customers, big or small.

We hold large stocks of shelving in our Midlands-based warehouse and are able to offer collection and next-day
delivery on most of our retail fixtures. And with a shelving showroom on-site it makes it that little bit easier for you to see and chose the right product for your shop. We can also help with planning your retail store, from designing the best layout, to maximising floor space without overcrowding or hindering foot traffic. 

For more help and information on supermarket and retail shelving please call Shelving4Shops on 01455 221513. Alternatively, visit the Shelving4Shops showroom and meet our design team at:

A1 Asfare Business Park
LE10 3JG