Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Versatility Of The Wire Basket!

In the world of retail, there are so many options of how to display your products that it's easy to feel overwhelmed with it all when it comes down to actually having to choose. One of the main things to bear in mind is to maximise the use of space and make sure your store doesn't look cluttered. 

If you have lots of loose items that need to go somewhere together without spilling out onto other product space, wire baskets are a great way to go. Coming in either three tier or five tier, the wire basket units are ideal for items such as single crisp packets, fruit and veg or loose toys such as balls. They are great for display, presenting the customer with an easy, eye-catching view of the product, whilst keeping the items neatly gathered together. The unit is lightweight and easily moved, making them great for temporary or window displays. The stack is a simple way to use different heights to create interest at different levels, which is a great way to attract customer attention whilst saving space! 

If you want just the baskets and have space to play with, our wire stackable baskets are another great way of keeping looser items together yet well displayed. These baskets come as individual units, but can be stacked on top of each other or used on existing shelves as a way of keeping the shelf tidy. They are great to use along the queue area to encourage impulse buys while customers are waiting. They are very versatile and are perfect for placing end of line products, promotions or sales items. Great for fruit and veg, special offers or for placing at the end of gondola units to promote that special product.

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