Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Customer convenience – baskets and bins

Have you ever wandered into a shop to browse and on finding something that appealed to you (which you hadn’t planned on buying!) on impulse picked it up, but when you couldn’t find a basket decided it wasn’t worth the bother?  You either replaced it or just put it down wherever convenient to you…..and that was a sale that the shop lost.  Impulsive buyers as well as regular customers need to be encouraged by making sure that there are baskets to hand, thereby helping them not only to enjoy their shopping trip but also to return another day.  Your sales will benefit and the customer will be enjoy being in your shop and hopefully come back again.

Often it’s the little things that make a shop work.  Baskets at hand, products easily reached, security mirrors not being obtrusive, a strategically placed and well arranged dump bin full of attractive items will all make shopping more of a pleasure.  Customers feel more relaxed as they move around the store, not feeling hassled or losing their way.

At shelving4shops we can enable your shoppers to be happy shoppers by supplying these items.  We have a range of baskets in different colours, mobile basket stacking units and the occasional dump bin that can fill a redundant corner with attractive goods which prove to be useful or just plain attractive! Awkward spaces are utilised and customers return another day.  Have a look at the  products that we offer, we want to help.

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