Thursday, 27 August 2015

Is your shelving a liability or an asset?

Nobody wants their shelving to let them down - apart from the sheer inconvenience of the matter, it could be costly. If faulty shelving falls off the wall, or collapses because it is overloaded or badly loaded, it may damage stock and could injure a customer or employee.

Shelving that is not designed for the goods it carries is a potential hazard, and in terms of loss of stock or litigation it can be a unwise way of trying to save money. It's a false economy to try to cut cost at the expense of safety, and it's therefore essential to replace damaged or faulty shelving as soon as possible, with appropriate equipment designed to withstand the load.  

Shelving4Shops has many different kinds of shelving, and whatever you need we can help you to find the right kind for your requirements.  

Our shop racking is made of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel. The parts are interchangeable, which means you have great versatility as you can configure the shelving to suit your needs. The units are standalone units, which gives you peace of mind that they are not going to part company with the wall!  

The robust nature of the shelving makes it ideal to display a variety of goods, whilst the range of shelving gives a wide scope of usage, designed to fit any available space.

Ease of use is another major consideration, as dirty shelving is not an attractive proposition when the discerning customer wants to search for what they want. Our shelving is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

If you are unsure as to which kind of shelving will best suit your needs, give us a call on 01455 2215 and we will be happy to advise you and give you an instant quote. Alternatively, visit our showrooms in Wolvey, Leicestershire, LE10 3JG and see for yourself the extensive range that we offer.  

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