Thursday, 10 December 2015

Banish the muddle with peg boarding

It’s Monday morning and the rubber hits the road again. No time for a coffee break, no time for a relaxing lunch, and definitely no time for a quick tea break in the afternoon - does that sound familiar? Whilst you want the business, it seems difficult to maintain order in the midst of the rush.  

We have all been in stores which seem to be in a perpetual state of chaos, partly due to a lack of organisation and a lack of time to put things back in their proper places. Mess is never appealing to a prospective customer! Sometimes there's simply been a lack of planning, and the places to put things just don't exist.  

Peg boarding is a way of introducing order and maintaining it. Leaning things up against walls or stacking them on the floor is really just a mess waiting to happen! When it's easy to put something back where it came from, customers will do so, but if it's more challenging then things will be dropped on the floor or put back where they don't belong. Clutter can become a hazard, as well as a nuisance, and nobody wants accidents to happen.

Peg boarding is a method of displaying items that are not easily stacked, and it can cater for both large and small items. Your merchandise can be hung by pegs or hooks, effortlessly arranged to suit the size of the product and so make display easy to manage. Simply achieved, it makes your life much easier as well as enabling your customers to clearly see what you are offering.  

Shelving4Shops offers peg boarding as wall units, gondola units or as an end bay - it's simple and versatile to use and keep in order.  

For more information give Shelving4shops a call on 01455 221512.

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