Thursday, 14 January 2016

A helping hand

Whether you are an independent shop or a larger store, it can feel quite lonely out in the world of competitive trade. So many things need professional attention, and frequently it seems like the issues just can’t wait. Machinery requires maintenance, equipment is prone to breaking, tax forms need completing - you name it, it all needs to be done last week! Time is a precious commodity, and it can feel like it's in very short supply, which is why refurbishment and similar projects get pushed to the back burner. They just don’t seem to happen, because there really isn’t time to source everything you need.

Not only is time a big issue, but also where to get the best advice and products for refurbishment - and then there is the cost, which at first glance seems to be discouraging. 

Shelving4Shops has been in the business of shelving for refurbishment for over 17 years, and from considerable experience can be a helping hand to any business, whatever the size.

We can advise you on the best way to equip your premises with relevant shelving, whether you want gondola style, wall shelving, stand-alone wire shelving, or peg boarding. If you don’t know what you're looking for, then we can discuss and hep you to decide the best approach for your business.  

Shelving4Shops also carries stocks of recycled shelving, offering a cheaper option for many businesses, and at the same time lessening the impact of refurbishment on the environment.  

So, you see, you aren’t alone! Shelving4Shops can help you in your planning stages and in the actual equipping of your store. We supply just about everything from the shelving to the baskets, from the cash registers to the hooks and prongs for shelves. Whatever your needs, we can help.  

Give us a call on 01455 221512 for more information, or call in to our Leicestershire showrooms for a personal discussion.  

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