Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Shopfittings for a Cambridge pet food store

When Ash from Cambridge enquired about shopfittings for his new venture, we were happy to help. He needed to create a retail space to display and stock pet food supplies, and came down to our showroom with the dimensions of his unit to discuss his requirements. We sat down with Ash and helped to design a floor plan that would best suit his products and customers. The unit was divided in two, so we focused on designing the first phase.

The first phase needed wall shelving units around the perimeter, and these units needed to have large shelving that would take the weight of the pet food it would be displaying. Next we designed the shop shelving for the central floor area. We were able to fit two rows of gondola shelving along the middle, making one of them slightly shorter than the other so that there would be a natural flow through to the second unit. All the gondola shelving units were 1.4m high, ensuring it would be easy to lift heavy products off the top shelves. Gondola end bays were fitted on one side, adding extra retail space to the shop and finishing the run nicely.

Dump bins and wire shelf risers were also fitted after we had assembled the shelving units, giving a clean and professional look, and helping Ash to organise and display his products appropriately.

Phase two also needed wall and gondola shelving, to which we fitted peg board shelving, allowing him to display a range of hanging products at different heights. And finally, to finish the store, we fitted a counter.

The Shelving4Shops team wishes Ash all the best with his latest store developments - we're always here to help, from start to finish!

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