Friday, 5 October 2012

Speedy Shop Shelving for Loughborough

New shop shelving delivered and fitted within an hour? Easy. When Mr Ram from Leicester told us he had just taken on a new shop in Loughborough and needed a full refit we were happy to help. Every shop fitting poses its own challenges, and that's where it helps to have experience in sourcing the right type of shop shelving for the job.

Mr Ram's first request was for three second hand multideck chillers for storing and displaying beer and wine. We've built up a great list of contacts within the retail industry over the years, and so were able to put him in touch with Mike Lease from Platinum Cooling in Swindon who was able to supply exactly what Mr Ram was looking for.

Before and after images below:

Next was the shop shelving itself. We needed to fit gondola shelving and wall shelving units into the shop, including a corner unit, and ensure that wall shelving could be fitted around a pillar on the back wall. We were able to do just that, building 470mm shelving and 370mm shelving units so that the fronts of the shelves sat flush and didn't stick out around the pillar.

It's really important to take into consideration all the aspects of your floor plan and the positions of your walls when designing your store refit, or undertaking new shelving configurations. There's nothing worse than a badly set out shop that causes problems for staff and customers, reduces space and creates an inefficient layout. We're happy to help with your shop plans so please get in touch to speak with one of our experienced staff if you need a hand deciding on what type of shop shelving is right for you.

Despite these challenges we were able to deliver the shelving, show Mr Ram how to assemble it and one hour later it was all completed! Job done. 

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