Thursday, 26 June 2014

New & Used Refrigeration

Every store across the UK requires shelving that’s good quality, in good condition and importantly, reliable. Whether it be small convenience stores, large supermarkets or retail outlets, most will also require the correct type of refrigeration. 

At Shelving4Shops we understand that sometimes it can be a little frustrating to source everything you need from just from one supplier, which is why we have teamed up with a trustworthy local refrigeration company whose speciality is in both new and used commercial refrigeration. They offer a large variety of refrigeration equipment for any kind of store, such as multi deck chillers, display freezers and bottle fridges to name a few. 

Arneg refrigeration is a name you can surely trust. Their sales team are highly experienced and fully qualified fridge and air conditioning engineers, who have a vast knowledge of the industry, and will work with you throughout the process to achieve exactly what is required. 

All of the used refrigeration units are of high quality and standards. They have been thoroughly cleaned and fully tested to their capabilities. Each unit comes with a 3 month warranty, giving you the confidence and peace of mind when buying used refrigeration. Second hand refrigeration is ideal if you’re on a tight budget and are looking to save a bit of money, however we also understand that it can be tricky to find exactly what you require, especially when compromise just isn’t an option. Hence why we also offer new commercial refrigeration such as air conditioning, display freezers, dairy cabinets, multi deck chillers and bottle fridges just to name a few. 

There are many important factors to consider when buying refrigeration for the first time, and all of these factors can be discussed with an experienced member of staff who will be happy to help with any enquiries. For more advice and information on refrigeration, or if you just need help planning your shop, please call Luis on 07787184992, or visit the website 

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