Friday, 12 September 2014

Combining Your Shelves

The secret to a successful store is great customer service, attractive products and prices, and a unique store layout. Having a layout that’s just a little bit different can make a huge difference from your customers perspective, and it also gives them good reason to visit your store on a regular basis, knowing that they’ll be experiencing something different each time they visit. 

The key to a unique store layout doesn’t just involve having a layout that’s interesting from a customers perspective, it’s about combing a variety of heights and levels with a mixture of products that catch the customers eye, and in order to create variety, you need to combine your shelving. 

Although having sections for each type of product can help customer navigation, it can be a little mundane for the customer to browse through, especially if the layout doesn’t change on a regular basis. Combining a mixture of wall shelving with pegboards adds variety and substance to what can be a dull layout. If you find that you have a little extra room in the middle of an aisle or at the end of a shelving unit - dump bins, wire stacking baskets and shelves add a great depth to your store, as well as enhancing the customers journey entirely. 

Although it may make sense to keep your different types of shelving together, combining your shelves adds a great touch of contrast to your store. 

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