Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Extra space

It doesn’t seem to matter how much shelving space you have, it just never seems to be enough! Shelving4Shops can not only help you to maximise on the space that you do have, but also provide extra ideas to give you innovative solutions to your ongoing challenges. 
Shop accessories, such as dump bins, wire stacking baskets and wire shelving, can be a useful alternative for either displaying promotions or just catching the customer’s eye to see what useful extras will complement their already selected items. 
Wire stacking baskets are a useful addition to any store and can be used in a variety of ways, singly and in tiers. You can change their purpose week to week, as it takes no effort to move them around to highlight a different product. By placing them at the checkout point, they can encourage a customer to add previously overlooked items to their own basket of shopping as they wait to pay. Special offers or end-of-lines can also be offered at this point, and especially create a novel way to move left over stock along. Leftover stock can clutter up shelves unnecessarily - the wire stacking baskets free the space up to enable fresh lines to be displayed, whilst not wasting the old stock.
The adjustable wire dump baskets that we offer are another inventive way of displaying special promotions. A line of dump baskets keeps the customers interest at the checkout, whilst maximising on opportunities without taking up more shelving space.
Free standing, lightweight wire shelving can be used to solve a temporary need, or a more longstanding problem when standard shelving will not suit.  It can also be used for window displays or a short term promotion. Its lightweight and moveable nature lends itself to be a useful addition to any store. 

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