Thursday, 1 October 2015

Colour blocks

Of course we usually think of shelving as a very necessary and physical need for a business, whatever is being sold, but shelving can do much more than just hold stock. If it is used imaginatively, it can be transformed into an aesthetic and creative opportunity.  
Usually goods are displayed in categories - the same sort of things being displayed together, to enable customers to find what they are looking for. It makes sense to have some sort of method, but even when the goods that you are selling are fairly utilitarian, imaginative use of colour and form can be an added bonus. 
Bold blocks of colour will make people look twice, and what they didn’t notice at first they will register as they look again. This is an especially useful tactic to employ if you have a special promotion. By placing a promotional bay at the end of a gondola run, the customer will be guided to the product and linger to learn more. Be careful to ensure that the widths of the shelving units are the same, otherwise not only will you create an untidy look, but you may also introduce a trip hazard. By ensuring that the heights of the racks are also the same, you will have created a neat and professional looking display.
A promotional bay, or end bay as it is sometimes known, is a shelving unit which can be placed on the front or back of anexisting gondola rack. 
Because our racking is interchangeable, it is easy to change the display whenever you want, and therefore as seasons change and demand changes with it, our shelving systems are ideal to accommodate the different needs and different promotions. 
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