Thursday, 17 March 2016

Summer Shop Shelves!

Do you remember to update your shop seasonally? There’s so much you can do to entice your customer through your doors, no matter what time of year it is. Appealing to the eye and making your shop change with the seasons is a great way to refresh your shop regularly to make sure you customers see something new every time they come in.

Summer is the perfect time to create enticing, exciting displays that will draw customers into your shop. Think about the themes you could use that tie in to your shop. Do you have products which could be used in a nautical theme? This is great one for personalising products to appeal to people in the summer- you can use boat-shaped shelving, stripes in textiles and sand in window displays to really impress!

Consider what colours you’ll use- summer is the time to use bold, bright colours, with plenty of yellows to tie in the warm weather and long sunny days. Creating your window display doesn’t have to be costly- you can use colourful fabrics or paper to create backdrops and props to bring your display to life and make your shop stand out. Avoid being predictable to really make an impression- people love something different!

Make sure you have the right amount of light on a product- lighting up your window display shouldn’t be an afterthought. The correct amount of lighting can really make your products shine, no matter what they are. Use a focal points to illuminate and avoid lights from above, which create shadows. It’s worth keeping a few spotlights on after you close up- if you’re the only shop with lights on you’ll be the only one people look at when they walk by in the evening. You’ll be sure to stick in their mind next time they’re out shopping!

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