Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Peg Board Point Of Sale

Peg boards are wonderfully versatile when it comes to getting creative with your points of sale. You can create something that looks great visually, while attracting the attention of your customers when they enter your shop.

Why not customise your peg board by painting them to compliment your products or the decor in your shop? Displaying items doesn’t need to be dull, you can inject colour in a variety of ways to make sure you impress your customers. Upgrading your peg board doesn’t need to be expensive- just be prepared to get your hands dirty! Why not use stencils to add colour and detail to your peg board, for a great background to inject some excitement into your display? There are some great tutorials on YouTube and DIY sites to give you tips on how to make your display board look professional and impressive!
Remember, when displaying your products on the hooks or prongs, you can line up your products in more ways than one. If you have different sizes of a product, you can arrange these in size order vertically or horizontally to create more of an impression. Products of different colours can also be used to create impressive displays, turned into colour wheels or arrange in rainbow order.

If you sell jewellery, for example, try arranging your products in sets, to encourage customers to buy the whole lot, rather than just one product. If you show which items look good together you’re more likely to generate impulse buys and entice customers to buy more.

Peg boards are extremely versatile- you’re only limited in what you can do by your own imagination! People love something that is different, so think outside the box to entice those customers to buy!

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