Monday, 20 June 2016

Dump Bins

Dump Bins

No matter how well you design your shop, most people find they end up with an unused, awkward space where they struggle to put anything worthwhile.

Take a look at Shelving4Shop’s selection of dump bins, which are a great way to use these small spaces to display lots of products at once. Perfect for promotional items or for smaller, awkward sized products, these can be a great way to shift stock quickly.

They can also be used in succession to create a queuing area, for example, while at the same time encouraging customers to make impulse buys. This is maximising on space, using your queuing area to hold more stock. Dump bins are robust and have adjustable base heights, so you can use them for a variety of different products.

Made from a more robust steel than most on the market, dump bins from Shelving4Shops are zinc plated and come flat packed but are super easy to set up. They have a height of 800mm and a width of 500mm.

Why not set up your dump bins with seasonal goodies to capture the eye of your customers? Fill them with creme eggs at Easter, santa hats at Christmas and plastic spiders at Halloween! You can always dress these up with fabric to match the season or to compliment your store colour scheme, so you don’t always have to have them as bare metal bins. Get creative and decorate your bins to make sure your customers don’t pass them by!

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