Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tips For Laying Out Your Store

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to make the right decisions when choosing the layout of your store, but there are definitely a few rules to abide by to help your shop succeed. 

When your customer’s enter your shop, direct them to the right to steer them round the shop in a counterclockwise direction. Research shows that shoppers prefer to move to the right and then in a counterclockwise direction, so design the layout to draw people right. You can use bright floral displays, a wider aisle to the right or place a large display for customers to navigate, with a clear pathway to the right and a smaller gap to the left. 

If you can, lay your aisles out at an angle, rather than straight.  Ideally, aisles should angle in from both the right and left sides, meeting to form a central aisle, forming an arrow shaped layout that should end in a back-wall display. But only use this angular, directional approach if you can keep the aisles wide enough for customers to navigate easily and comfortably. No one likes a narrow aisle where they have to squeeze past other shoppers!

Make sure any long aisles have breaks to make shoppers pause and browse all your products. Long, uninterrupted aisles mean customers skip over most of your items, making their trip round your shop a quick and fruitless one! By adding breaks using movable and easily changeable displays, your customers will linger and be encouraged to buy more. 

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