Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Display Details


Appearance in a store can be the making or breaking of the business. Displays and window dressing reveals to a customer both what type of products you sell, but also what quality they are, judged on how good your store looks. Dress your store and display your products well and you’ll have customers flocking in- do the opposite and no one is interested. 

The first thing to remember is that your store needs a theme. Mixing different styles and themes will look cheap, so keep your displays in line with each other. Though they don’t have to all look the same, you should make sure that one compliments the next. The theme or style of your shop should be dictated by your products- whether they are formal wear, so require a formal theme, or whether it’s a flower shop that needs a spring-like, light decor to compliment the flowers themselves.
Another thing to consider is “permanent” displays versus “moveable”! Permanent displays may be more practical, but moveable are more flexible and allow you to change up your decor and displays more easily. You don’t have to have any permanent displays at all, so think outside the box and use what you have to create something that your customers will stop to take a second look at. 

Shelving4Shops have a great range of wall shelving to help you make the most of your wall space, which often goes unused, yet can look great while maximising on the space available. Using a bright coloured, feature wall can ensure your products “pop” - but make sure you don’t place products of clashing colours against a contrasting wall colour! You still want your products to look appealing, so make sure they’re well lit too.  

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