Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Shelving4Shop Come On & Get Your Fruit & Veg Outside!

There’s no two ways about it. A colourful display of fruit and veg is a truly enticing sight. It grabs a passerby’s attention and tempts people into the store to see what other treats lie inside. Fresh produce is a great way to show off your shop’s wares, however you don’t want to leave it outside - and lugging heavy boxes of fruit and veg inside every evening is not a viable option if some staff can’t manage the weight.

Instead, consider outside display unit, which sits on sturdy castor wheels, allowing you to move the entire display with ease. Shop staff can then put the produce away each night and wheel it back out again every morning. There’s no lifting and you can lock the castor wheels to ensure your display doesn’t move once it’s in place. The display unit comes in a range of different lengths to work with the space you have available, maximising the advertising potential you have from your produce display.

The tough, plastic vegetable trays come with the frame and keep your produce safe and clean. Again, the trays are available in a range of different sizes to match your frame, allowing you to customise the display and make sure it works perfectly for your store.

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