Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dump Bins and Stacking Wire Baskets

Fitting out a retail store isn't just about the wall shelving - there are plenty of shop accessories like dump bins and baskets that can make your store more efficient and provide you with additional storage and display space. 

Dump bins are a handy and adaptable addition to your shop shelving that can fit in corners and alcoves that previously were wasting space. Placed at the end of aisles or by the shop counter, dump bins and baskets also encourage spontaneous impulse buying, and are ideal for displaying end of stock items or promotional and seasonal products, or items that are not easily stacked on a shelf.
Our standard dump bin comes in durable chrome and measures 800mm by 480mm with an adjustable base which can be placed at the height that suits your products. All our dump bins come flat packed for easy transport and can be taken apart and easily stored if you need extra space. At just £20, dump bins are a useful and effective way of creating an extra display within your store without sacrificing on space.

As well as dump bins, we stock a variety of stacking baskets and wire shelving units. Stacking baskets are perfect for fresh produce and making the most of difficult spaces within your store, while providing several tiers of shelving. Choose from 3 or 5 tiered wire basket shelving, in horizontal or vertical arrangements, or a free-standing 5 tier wire shelving unit for larger spaces. Costing from £15, wire baskets are a very affordable option for valuable additional shelving space.

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