Thursday, 30 May 2013

New Shop Shelving for a Loughborough Pet Store

Shelving4Shops helps to provide and fit shop shelving all kinds of businesses, from food stores to shoe shops, but they don’t get much bigger than this! When approached by one recent customer to look at a 10,000 square foot pet supplies store we were happy to help.

The size of a store is never a problem for our experienced team. With tape measures at the ready we planned and quoted for the store in just a couple of days. It did take a little longer than that, however, to be ready to install the shop shelving.

When planning to open a store of any size it’s important to bear in mind the scale of the project - electrics, flooring, cleaning, toilet facilities, Wi-Fi and so much more need to be planned, checked and maintained before the doors can open for the first time.

For this pet supplies store owner it was the electrics that took the most time to get right. Being an old electrical retailer there were cables everywhere and the electrics for old display stands had to be removed before work could begin.

Being faced with such a large open space can be a little daunting (even for Henry Hoover) but work was soon under way to get the shop shelving in and the pet store opened.

Since the store stocked various bulky and awkward-shaped products, retail shelving was not always appropriate, so we supplied some wire stacking baskets to complement the wall and gondola shelving.

Whilst work carried on with the electrics – this time for the lighting – the gondola shelving and wall bays were completed.

When the Shelving4Shops team were finished and all of the retail shelving was complete, the counter was installed and all that was left to do was to position the wire stacking baskets and dump bins to complete the finished look.

Shelving4Shops supplies new and used shop shelving and accessories across the UK. We also have a showroom in Leicestershire so you can browse our products, and we always welcome our customers to come and take advantage of our design and plan service. We offer various size shelving options and accessories, including shopping baskets and holders, dump bins, wire stacking baskets, shelf risers and dividers, and much more. We hold large quantities of stock so please come and see us for a quotation and to view our stock ranges.

If you would like to arrange a quotation we can also help by phone, just call 01455 221512 or alternatively please email us at You can can also visit our website at

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