Friday, 31 May 2013

Convenience store shelving options

We have a great choice of shop shelving and accessories for convenience stores at Shelving4Shops, and can help you to choose the right shelving options to suit your floor plan and products. 

For convenience stores, it's important to have a customer-friendly store layout and a good range of shelving styles to accommodate the wide variety of stock you will need to display. Gondola shelving is perfect for creating aisles in your convenience store and provides double-sided shelving space to maximise your space. One thing to remember when choosing gondola shelving units for your store is that you pick a height that you can see over when at the sales counter, unless you are able to install security cameras, in which case you can choose a higher unit. 

Wall shelving can be placed around the edges of your floor space and can be fitted with a variety of shelving options, accessories and backings to suit your stock, from magazine shelving to pegboard backing. All our wall shelving units come with adjustable shelves that can be set at different heights and angles according to your products. Tilted shelves can be useful for displaying confectionery and paper goods.

At the end of your wall shelving and gondola shelving runs, you can place end bays and promotional bays to finish off the units neatly and provide extra space for special offers, end-of-line stock and seasonal items. And don't forget corner shelving units or dump bins for awkward corners and wasted space! 

Finally, if your convenience store will be stocking fresh, chilled or frozen items then you will need to leave space for a chiller or freezer. We can help you to choose and position the right refrigerated shelving unit for your store, as this is one of the most important purchases you will make. 

Shelving4Shops also stocks used and second hand convenience store and supermarket shelving so if you are in need of a low-cost replacement for shelving units or simply looking to save a few extra pounds on your store shelving then please ask what we have available. Get in touch with us by calling 01455 221512 or emailing, or visit our website to see some of our shop shelving and accessories range. And if you're in the Leicestershire area, please drop in to our shelving showroom for advice and guidance on the perfect shelving layout and options for your convenience store!

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