Monday, 29 July 2013

Versatile Gondola Shelving

gondola shelving

Gone are the days of the old Grandville sketches where the shopkeeper hands you your products over the counter. Now the buyer wants choice, they want to look around and take in the various products on offer to them. The shopkeeper has to enable this by using their retail space efficiently. Gondola shelving is just one of the ways Shelving4shops can help with this.

Gondola shelves are shelving units which offer a double-sided storage space, with the choice of either pegboard or standard shelves. Gondola shelving units are free-standing which uses only a small amount of space considering the amount of shelving you gain, optimising the number of products you can stock per square metre. Gondola shelves are durable and are perfect for holding heavy products like tinned food and canned or bottled drinks.

One the main benefits of gondola shelving is being able to create aisles easily and effectively, giving your store a bigger overall look. Create a logistical and attractive store while utilising all the space available is one of the main challenges facing all store owners, and the Shelving4Shops team can help with all aspects of retail shelving and shop layout to help you find a solution for your store.
gondola shelving
You can find gondola shelving in every type of store, from large supermarkets to small toy shops. Gondola shelving is one of the most popular ways allow customers to shop at ease, offering a convenient and pleasurable shopping experience where the customer has the opportunity to see, touch and feel products on display. You are far more likely to get impulse sales when you offer an easy shopping experience.

Gondola shelving is available in numerous heights, lengths and widths to cater to your requirements. Pegboard backing can also be used with this type of shelving to offer you a quick and easy way to change the layout of your products, or maybe make your gondola units seasonal for Christmas or summer. You can even add wire stacking baskets to the shelving to hold single packets of crisps, small toys or other items which may be awkward to stack neatly. The versatility of gondola shelving is outstanding and this cost-effective shelf unit can be an invaluable resource for any store owner.

gondola shelving

If you are unsure of the space you need for a gondola unit, call one of our experienced Shelving4shops team who will be happy to help you. All we need are the measurements for the floor space for you have, or a basic store plan (even a rough sketch on a piece of A4 is very useful).

gondola shelving

Taking time to find the right gondola shelving for your store is very important - if you look after your shelving it will last for years to come. If you take a look in our showroom we can show you the durability and strength of our products and talk you through your various options.

Gondola shelving is a cost-effective shelving option, but if your budget is very tight why not try our second hand shop shelving? Being second hand they might have some minor usage marks or scratches but they will not be prominent and once filled with your stock will be barely noticeable if noticeable at all.

Shelving4Shops helps stores of every size to find the right shelving for their needs with a design and plan service to suit individual requirements and a huge range of shelving and accessories in stock at our Leicestershire showroom. Why not give us a call on 01455 221512 or email us at

We offer so much than gondola shelving, too! We also hold stock of wall shelving, shop counters, cash registers, magazine shelving and store accessories like shopping baskets, stacking baskets and dump bins. If you would like to see more of what we have to offer visit our website at


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