Monday, 5 August 2013

Retail tills and cash registers

What aspect of your shop equipment gets the most use each day? Certainly your shelving and your counter, but your cash register gets the most action (or at least we hope it does if you're doing regular business!) - so when did you last update your till?

Having top quality shop shelving is something that every retail store should make a priority, and keeping your store neat and tidy gives a great impression, but even more important than that is a fast-functioning, reliable, long-lasting cash register. If your till breaks down, can't cope with credit and debit cards, or takes an age to function, your staff and customers will get irritated and you may lose custom. At Shelving4Shops we offer a range of high quality electronic cash registers by Sharp to make sure your store runs smoothly at all times.

Sharp XE-A107

The XE-A107WH Sharp cash register is a compact machine that fits well in most retail situations. It includes hard-wearing, colour-coded soft-touch keys and a clear and bright LED display. A lockable cash drawer ensures your shop is safe if you have to step away from the counter for a moment, and VAT/TAX rate and currency exchange facilities help to make business easy. This model comes in black or white to suit the rest of your store interior.

Sharp XE-A137WH Cash Register

We also stock the Sharp XE-A137WH electronic till in white or black with silent printing and a 9 digit, 7 segment LED operator display. This model is perfect for keeping your accounts in order as it offers a 3,000 line electronic journal to provide you with a full audit trail, and is compatible with SD card storage so that you can view your data on your PC.

Shape EX- A207W

And for growing businesses, the XE-A207 Sharp electronic cash register is a great professional machine with a multi-line operator display and full-sized lockable cash drawer. Choose from light grey or black to match your shop style and get set up easily and quickly to use your machine straight away. Make use of the PC Link software programme to keep on top of product maintenance as well as the data export function which allows you to save sales data to a spreadsheet on your computer.

For a huge range of retail store and shelving accessories along with shop shelving and refrigerated shelving units please get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops and we can help you to plan and fit out your store according to your needs.

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