Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tips for Fitting Out a New Store with Shop Shelving

Fitting out a new store with shop shelving and racking can be a great opportunity to maximise the potential of your layout from the very beginning. Opening a new shop is exciting, nervewracking and a lot of work, but the Shelving4Shops team have over 15 years' experience in helping new businesses get set up and ready for opening day, from the planning stages to the physical fitting of your shop shelving.

Starting with an empty shell, plan out your shop shelving layout to optimise the success of your store - where you place your shelving and shop fittings really has an impact on how much your customers spend during each visit. Here are a few tips on fitting out your new store to create the best shelving configuration and design possible. 

Creating Aisles with Gondola Shelving - Gondola shelving is double-sided freestanding shelving that is perfect for creating aisles up and down your store space. Link gondola units together to form a 'run' of shelving that you can stock with products either side. Use these partitions to determine how your customers will move through your store, guiding traffic to different areas to maximise exposure to your stock.

gondola shelving

Stocking Shelves - Generally, products at eye-level perform better than products lower down on the shelves so consider which popular products are going to bring you the most return, and place them accordingly. Avoid having over-crowded or under-stocked shelves, and keep your shop shelving neat, clean and tidy with clear signage and pricing information.

Product Displays Think about the areas in your store that will have the most visual impact for customers - perhaps an end bay of a gondola facing the front door, or wall space next to your shop counter. And don't forget about your window displays - make the most of seasonal goods and provide passing customers with an enticing display to bring them into your store.

Maximise Space - Configure your shop shelving to make the best of your floor area, ensuring that customers have plenty of room to move between aisles and browse without bumping into anything! Pegboard shelving can be useful to save on space and allows you to display a wide range of products on hooks and shelves. If space is really an issue, think vertical and add extra shelves above head height to store additional stock, or place dump bins and corner shelving in every available nook and cranny.

peg board shelving

Coordinate your Shelving - Use matching Epos strips, promotional material, lighting and colour to coordinate your store and bring a sense for consistency. Play to your customers' senses and use music and scent to entice them in and keep them shopping for longer!

Shop shelving lies at the core of your store fit out so make sure you choose good quality, reliable, flexible shelving - ask for help from our experienced staff at Shelving4Shops to ensure your store is arranged as effectively as possible! 

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