Monday, 28 April 2014

Shelving for Events

Wall ShelvingValentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas are just few of the big holidays that the retail industry prepares for months in advance. A lot of effort and development goes into creating areas in the store that are just dedicated to these holidays alone. However, adding a promotional Gondola unit or end bay at a till point is a great way of encouraging those extra impulse buys from customers. 

According to recent reports, almost 90% of customers impulse buy, and end up going home with products that they did not intend to purchase. This is due to either the product being on offer, or simply the lack of effort required to add that product to their basket. 

A promotional bay or an end bay is a great way of displaying products that are associated with the upcoming holiday, or even just products that are on promotion or are fast selling lines. Implementing upcoming holidays and events into a promotional or end bay is a good way of subtlety reminding customers about the holiday, and could encourage them to make that additional purchase. 

Gondola units are usually placed at the front of the till points, so whilst customers are queuing they can browse through products that come across as a great deal, or related products to what they’re purchasing. The placement of these gondolas usually leads to an increase in impulse buys from customers. The products look desirable at a cheap price, and it requires almost no effort to pick up that extra product. Having additional promotional bays and end bays displaying products make a worthwhile addition to the end of a till point. They capture the customers’ attention, and also gives them something to contemplate and look at whilst waiting to pay. 

Even if a customer has already bought something for Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas Day etc, if they see something that captures their attention and is on a great offer, there’s a very strong chance they’ll add it to their basket, even if it’s something that they don’t actually need. 

Having a promotional bay at the till points creates an easy shopping opportunity for customers. It makes it so easy for them t to pick up that extra product and add it to their basket. It’s hassle free and simple to do, and the customer feels as if they have gotten a great deal from your store. 

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