Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What makes Gondola Racking different?

Gondola RackingChances are we’ve walked past and around Gondola Racking units numerous times without even realising when we’re browsing through a store. Gondola Racking is a subtle way of making the most out of spare and empty floor space, and can make a great addition to your store layout. 

Gondola Racking units have shelves on both sides of the unit, meaning that one side of a unit no longer has to be impractical, completely counterproductive and empty. Gondola Racking helps develop a stable shopping layout for customers. Aisles are created, therefore enforcing a steady and stable customer traffic flow, creating a positive customer experience. 

Gondola racking units also allow merchandise to be displayed and exhibited to the full extent. Customers are fully exposed to merchandise, and Gondola Racking allows them to browse more easily and effectively. Customers that are able to browse more efficiently are more likely to make purchases within your store. 

Having a continuous flow of merchandise provides an easier browsing experience for customers. Gondola Racking allows products that are related to each other to be grouped together, this then leads to additional purchases from customers, also known as impulse buys. 

Here at Shelving4 Shops, we understand that within the retail industry it’s important to ensure that the store is kept looking fresh for customers. That’s why our Gondola Racking units are also versatile and interchangeable, meaning you can easily change components, and move the units to another location, creating a fresh new look for your store. 

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