Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wire Stacking Baskets & Wire Shelving

Wire Stacking Baskets & Wire ShelvingEven when you’ve developed the ideal shop floor plan and layout, you still might find a few empty awkward spaces here and there. Wire Stacking Baskets and Shelving are ideal for filling up that extra space, ensuring that you make the most out of your store layout. 

Our wire stacking baskets are extremely versatile and come as individual units. They can easily be stacked on top of each other or fitted together to make the most out of your store space. These units are ideal if you want to shift excess merchandise, or continue to promote a fast selling product. Placing these at the till points will encourage customers to put items in their basket whilst waiting to pay. 

According to recent reports, around 90% of people are prone to impulse buying. This is when customers purchase items that weren’t originally on their shopping list. This is either due to the item being on offer, or just the ease of adding the item to their basket. Customers tend to not want to go out of their way to reach for products, they want to shop for items that require as little effort as possible, which is where wire stacking baskets and wire shelving come into place. 

Our freestanding wire shelving units are perfect for when you have an empty wall space; a wire shelving unit can temporarily fill out that space, as emptiness within a store can give the impression of an under developed store. 

Here at Shelving4Shops we understand the importance of keeping the store layout ‘fresh’ for prospective customers. Our lightweight wire stacking baskets and shelving units are ideal for temporary solutions, or for just swiftly changing the dynamics of the store layout without making any drastic changes. 

We also understand that within the retail sector, temporary changes to promotional lines and layouts are a common occurrence and are often last minute. Wire stacking baskets, dump bins and shelving units are excellent temporary solutions.  

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