Wednesday, 27 August 2014

First Impressions

There’s no way about it, first impressions matter!

In a store, this is more important than ever in clinching those sales. People walking into your store for the first time can take a bit of time to orient themselves and ‘get used’ to your store. Therefore, what you put at the entrance to your store matters a great deal. 

Make the most of this space. It's a fantastic opportunity to grab customers attention and lure them in! You don't want the entrance to look cluttered, so an effective use of shelving to display products means customers can really feel comfortable browsing. It's a great place to put offers, to really entice people in, so again display is very important here. 

Our peg boards are a great way of experimenting with products at varying heights, creating a visually stimulating display. Sometimes products just don't sit well on shelves, due to their size or shape, which is where peg boards come in. You can more effectively showcase products in a different manner, allowing for demonstration of the product to its original capabilities. Peg boards also allow for display flexibility

The shop entrance has the highest footfall in your entire shop, it's definitely worth making the most of. Make sure you grab the person's attention and display your products as effectively as possible!

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