Friday, 1 August 2014

Get Ready For Summer! (Shelving)

It’s that exciting time of year again when the sun comes out, the days are longer and everyone is just that little bit happier. And although it may not seem like it to the majority of people, summer in the retail sector is a biggie and it’s all down to the annual summer sales. 

As the days get hotter, people don’t tend to venture out into the heat to walk around shops, which is why stores all over the country implement their annual summer sale in order to attract customers out of their back gardens. Having a summer sale is also a great way of shifting the old products to make way for new season stock.

The set out of a sale is quite simple, but yet different to your normal store layout. It’s important to make it clear to customers where the sale section in your store is. The last thing any customer wants is to have to decipher what’s included in the sale and what isn’t. 

Here at Shelving4Shops, we’ve continuously stated that it’s always worth revamping your store’s layout on a regular basis, just to make it a little more interesting for your regular customers, but having a summer sale gives you the chance to reconfigure your store layout once again.

Sales in stores tend to have their own unique section, away from all of the other products which aren’t in the sale. They’re usually well sign posted with effective signage, as well as labelled with the current markdowns. Labelling markdowns can easily be done with our epos ticketing strips, which allow customers to see the description and price of each product. 

Don’t be scared to combine different types of shelving together to create the most effective sale area. Sales can be quite messy, so ensure that it’s as easy as possible for your customers to browse through a variety of different items all in one place. 

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