Friday, 22 August 2014

Make Those Aisles Work For You!

Aisles create direction in a store, they help a customer navigate round your shop, but they also do much more when used effectively. Aisles give the customers exposure to all your products, so with the right shelving you can display the maximum amount of products. It's well known that the more products people see, the more they buy. 

Following this train of thought, it’s definitely worth spending time planning your store layout and considering how you will order and display your products. There are a few points to take into consideration:

1) Breaking up natural spaces with product displays, for example the door to counter line. Putting a display here gives people an obstacle to negotiate, which means that they have to look at it and give it their attention. Another idea here is to use the queue area to promote products. You can even create the queue space by using our wire dump baskets to shift stock and get those last minute sales. 

2) Create aisles! They encourage movement and browsing and give customers a sense of direction, and most importantly, they give you the chance to display products! Aisles that have structure and are labelled make it easy for customers in a hurry to see exactly where the product they want will be. Our gondola units are perfect for creating aisles whilst maximising store space. You can customise these to meet whatever needs your store has. For example, we sell peg boards for more awkward products or wire baskets to contain lose items that don't sit well on shelves. 

3) Lastly, don't have dead ends! Customers will see these "traps" and will avoid them, leaving these aisles unbrowsed. Leaving the ends of aisles open draws customers into the shop and invites them to explore further. 

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