Friday, 3 October 2014

Enticing Interiors!

These days with the digital market taking off and taking so much business, it's now more important than ever to make sure your shop entices customers in. Competition is fierce, so it's vital that the layout of your store makes the most of the customer's shopping experience. 

When designing the layout of your store, bear in mind that customers need direction around a store, it will help them navigate your products and give you the opportunity to make sure they view as much of your stock as possible. Creating aisles gives customers the most exposure to products and using our gondola shelving means you can create these aisles whilst maximising on the space you have available. 

There are various different layouts that you can use, below are two of the prime examples of layouts that create effective flows of traffic and give maximum exposure to products, whilst allowing customers to move freely from aisle to aisle. 

Race Track Layout
A racetrack layout consists of a main aisle that leads customers from the front area, around the whole store and then guides them lastly to the check out counter. It is designed for two way traffic that directs customers to what they are looking for.

Power Aisle Layout
The power aisle layout consists of a main aisle that runs the length of the store either from front to back or from corner to corner, allowing for departments to branch off the main aisles. It is set up to allow a flow of two way traffic with retail displays set up on both the floor and end units, letting you organise your merchandise to maximise accessibility to seasonal, special or sales items. 

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