Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Realistic Refridgeration!

In the summer months, it is especially important to make sure your choice of chiller does exactly what you want it to do, and sometimes this is several things at once.

Serve over counters are great for displaying goods that require careful display whilst keeping them at a steady, cool temperature. These refrigerated units are perfect for creating a beautiful display of products that customers can easily view and choose, whilst giving you easy access and the assurance that the products are kept fresh and refrigerated. 

Dairy cabinets give good surface area for display whilst maintaining the specific temperature to keep goods fresh and properly refrigerated. This is especially important to keep the optimal shelf life of products. 

Display freezers are ideal for presenting your frozen produce in the most attractive manner possible and encouraging those impulse buys. Summer is an ideal time to make the most of grabbing people's attention and displaying those ice creams! Choose a display freezer based on your store space and layout, and on the products you are planning to display. Chest freezers have the option of baskets to offer easy-to-grab impulse buy ice creams, upright freezers give shelves with the potential to create bright, eye catching displays. 

Bottle fridges are (as the name implies) specific to displaying drinks. They create a neat, tidy way to store bottles and keep them refrigerated, giving either customers or bar staff easy access to drinks kept at a constant, cool temperature. 

Multi-deck chillers give you the option of using height to display your produce at constant refrigeration, maximising the use of space in your store. They are the cost-effective way to display large amounts of chilled goods, with great viewing potential and easy access for both staff and customer. 
Whatever you need your chiller to do, we have a huge range of both used and new units here at Shelving4Shops. For advice about which chiller you need, feel free to contact us on 01455 221512 for enquiries and information. 

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