Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cigarette Gantry

 The new regulations coming in next year mean that all cigarette gantries will be required by law to have screens or sliding doors to cover the shelves. This will be a legal requirement from April 2015 and failure to comply can result in store owners receiving a financial penalty. From April 2015, it will be illegal to display tobacco products and even their prices, except to adults aged 18 and over, therefore the products should be kept behind a screen or sliding door at all times.

Updating cigarette displays to have custom made doors and screens can present a sizeable cost to many stores, so Shelving4Shops are now manufacturing a low cost cigarette gantry to replace outdated tobacco displays and make your store ready for the new changes to the law. Sliding doors come as standard and can be easily fitted when the new regulations come into force on the 6th April 2015.

Our new tobacco cabinet also comes with cigarette dividers and pushers, allowing for stock of over 112 different types of cigarettes over the 7 adjustable shelves. Epos ticket strips are also fitted to the front of all the shelves allowing for the clear display of prices.

This compact cigarette display is ideal for maximising on space behind the counter, as it stands at just 1000mm wide x 370mm deep x 1500mm tall. It sits perfectly on a 1 meter wall bay, ideally sized to complement your other store display units.

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