Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pegboard Gondolas

Pegboard Gondolas are ideal for using to create aisles when you need pegboard as opposed to shelving. Pegboard Gondolas can also give the impression of more spacious aisles, even though they have a good sized base of 370mm, they don't have the shelves jutting out into the aisle. Here at Shelving4Shops we have a range of different height Gondolas, including 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m and 2.1m high units. 

Pegboard Gondolas are perfect for creating aisle displays for displaying products that don't sit particularly well on shelves or that you want to highlight, so with pegboard you can really maximise on their features and promote them, giving customers a better view of the product. You can create some truly fantastic displays, so think outside the box and get inventive! Remember to use different heights, as the hanging hooks are removable, so you can literally put them anywhere, creating really eye catching and interesting displays. They are also ideal for making sure long, hanging products don't get tangled, for example, necklaces or leads. 

Shelving4Shops also has a range of pegboard wall bay units, so you can make the most of the wall space by putting these pegboard units right up against them. Again this gives you great opportunities for displays whilst really optimising on the space in your store.

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