Thursday, 27 November 2014

Shelf Risers and Dividers

When displaying your products it is important to really think about how you want them to come across. For example, just think of the January sales, our lasting memory of them tends to be chaotic, messy and a fight to ever find anything! So when it comes to display, it's best to make sure customers can see the products they're after and keep them looking neat and orderly. This also makes it easier for you as a store owner to see when products are running low on the shelves and replenish them, making keeping track of sales simpler. 

Our shelf dividers make your shelves neat and tidy, keeping products apart so they are easy and quick for customers to pick up. Shelf risers sit at the front of your shelves and prevent items from falling off onto the floor. Damaged products never sell and cost you money (and time if they make a mess!) so it's worth making sure your products are secure. Shelf risers keep your shelving looking smart and are essential, whether your shelf is flat or tilted. These accessories come in either chrome or acrylic, so you can choose which is the best look for your store. Epos ticket strips attach to the shelf risers to make sure prices and information are easy to see, so customers know exactly what they are buying and how much each item costs. Customer's don't like having to search around or ask for the price of products and are more likely to leave and take their business elsewhere, so make sure you clearly label each and every product.

Shelving accessories really do serve as an affordable option to efficient display and promote your products, optimising your available shelving space and offering the best shopping experience for your customers.

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