Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Optimise Your Layout

The layout of a store should be strategically designed to maximise the space for your customers and display of your products. When deciding how to lay out your store, there are a few things to consider, such as how big your store is and what products you sell, to make sure your layout is optimised for maximum profit.

When designing your layout, make sure you consider the possibilities of how you can align units and fixtures. There are a few floor plans you can follow, dependent on what genre of business yours is. A straight floor plan works well in larger retail stores, where the units are lined in straight lines to give a constant flow of traffic up and down the aisles. A diagonal floor plan is better for smaller stores, giving a better over view of merchandise and customer behaviour. It creates more of an illusion of space, while still making sure the traffic flows smoothly through the shop. You can have a mix of the above two plans, using straight, diagonal and angular floor plans, which means that you can utilise any awkwardly shaped parts of the store while keeping the customer traffic flowing.

Product placement is also a key strategy to consider, as placing products that are in high demand in an area of low traffic will encourage customers to peruse your aisles. Place your most appealing or affordable products at the end of aisles, to encourage in wary customers. Make sure your till area is central or at the front of a store, so that the first thing customers see is your warm, friendly staff and exciting, affordable products. Let us help you with your design

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