Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Visit Our Showroom

Here at Shelving4Shops, we're very proud of our showroom, which we believe can help you see exactly how your shop will work with our shelving units and fixtures. We know that it can be a struggle to visualise a layout that appeals to customers and to develop it, without being able to actually see what the possibilities are, so our showroom can help you do just that and will allow you to choose exactly the right racking units and the best shelving for your retail space.

Our showroom in Leicestershire has a wide variety of different shelving units and styles, in various heights and depths, to show you how units can be used and arranged. Height and depth are crucial elements to get right when fitting out a shop, as getting it wrong can result in a store that feels cramped and small. It can also result in products going becoming hidden, so that customer's miss them when browsing your shelves. You also don't want anything that is too tall, especially in small stores, as it can hide your customers and potentially pose a security threat in terms of shoplifting.

We also have a wide range of racking which is easily integrated into your current layout and is ideal for adding a new, uplift to your store, especially if you're on a tight budget. If you're struggling to find the right fittings or you want to look at our range and get some advice, simply pop in for a chat and we'll always be happy to give you some expert advice on kitting out your shop.

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