Monday, 12 January 2015

Spruce Up Your Shop For Spring

We're glad to say it's finally time to think about sprucing up your shop for spring! After what always seems like a never-ending winter, we're glad that spring is just around the corner and we hope it brings warm weather and good sales to everyone.

So how are you planning to brighten up your store to match the season? It's a great opportunity to take a look at your store lay out and make some changes to encourage your customers along your aisles. Why not create some fresh displays to give your customer's something new to looks at, focusing on a new product or a new range? People will want to see new items when they're browsing your shops to give their experience more interest and excitement- if they are just going to see the same thing each time they come in, the experience dulls.

Use spring holidays to advertise your products. Easter is a big spring celebration that's worth using to advertise any Easter or spring-related products. Spruce up your shelves with new design, new colours and new ideas to grab your customer's attention and you'll find people flocking down your aisles to see what you have to offer.

Pegboards are very versatile displays that you can easily change around and use to set up new promotions without an enormous upheaval. Think about using spring colours to really bright up your store, and consider moving some of your units or shelving to give customer's a different path through your store.

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