Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Avoid a melt down

Because of the unreliability of British summers you just never know when we will have a heatwave.  One minute the rain is pouring down and the next minute the sun is blazing out of a clear blue sky and the kids are complaining that they are dying of thirst.  You are in the car and you need some peace….so you dive into a store to get them a drink.  It’s so disappointing when the drink is not chilled, it’s lukewarm and the kids are not impressed!  And to make it worse, there is no ice cream!

At shelving4shops we can transform your customer’s tepid experience into a long, cool drink.  We have joined forces with a local refrigeration company which offers a variety of new and used cabinets, fridges, freezers, dairy cabinets, air conditioning and in fact most things you want to use to cool down on a hot, summer day.  They are an experienced company who fully test and clean all used products giving a three month warranty, allaying any fears that you might have regarding a melt down!

In fact, we think that you can help your local community avoid a melt down by making sure that you have the right refrigeration ready for the summer.

For advice or more details on your needs for refrigeration visit our website: 

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