Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Cigarette gantry and the change of cigarette display law

Nobody wants to fall foul of the law.  From April 6th 2015 the law is changing in regards to how you display cigarettes.  Although already applying to the larger stores, smaller shops are also obliged to conform to the law from this date.  

We advise you to read the law for yourself in order to understand how it applies to you and how to set up your goods without incurring a nasty fine.  In essence it is trying to help people to kick the habit by taking away a visual stimulus, therefore all cigarette displays have to have sliding doors or a screen.  Essentially it is a ban on display.

As time is now short for you to comply with this law you may find it easier to replace your whole display, and it may also be just as cost effective in the long run.  At shelving4shops we have the ideal solution which will fit neatly into a one metre wall space and can be delivered to you the next day. For any further information you require browse the section on cigarette gantries on our site, or phone us on 01455 221512 and we will be happy to help you work out what will suit your requirements.

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