Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Creating order out of chaos

Have you ever walked into somebody’s house and wondered how they ever found things? There’s clothes draped over chairs or on the floor, yesterday’s milk next to a new bottle left out on the counter, laundry in a heap on the kitchen floor, the dog’s bowl of water gently cascading over the floor alongside the cat’s basket, etc, etc! Then you look at the corner which is stacked with tennis rackets, fishing rods, brooms, and washing mops. You wonder how on earth they can ever find anything. Sadly it can be a little like that in some shops. Some people call it organized chaos……others just call it a mess. And the customer won't be able to find what they want.

At shelving4shops we can help bring the chaos into a welcome order, which we know you and the customer will appreciate. With fifteen years of experience behind us we think we know something of what will help you to create a system which works. Our shelving units and corner units can stand alone or be used as a continuous display, which in turn can create a continuity of interest thereby encouraging your customer to spend more time browsing and appreciating your merchandise.

Instead of piles of chaotic produce our shelving experts can help you to adapt your display instead of adapting your range of goods. We are confident that we can assist you in maximizing the appeal and taking the chaos out of your shop. Our extensive range of shelving, both new and used, can bring a fresh look and an orderly experience to your shop.

To bring order into your shop call shelving4shops on 01455 221512 for advice and information which ultimately will transform your shop into a different kind of shopping experience.

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