Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Let Us Help You Kit Out Your Store!

At Shelving4Shops, we're proud to share our extensive knowledge of shop fitting with our customers. We're always happy to have our customer's drop into our showroom to chat over their plans- feel free to pop in for a cup of tea! 

We have a wealth of knowledge about the world's major brands, to help you identify any existing system and match it up to existing systems, allowing you to extend your shop and improve your current displays and units. 

We often have customer's sending us their shop plans, so feel free to do the same and we'll be happy to look over them and advise you on exactly how many units will fit. We can then lay out various options available to you, depending on budget, of course. 

Installing the shelving itself is simple and very easy, but we make sure we offer help and advice over the phone or we can give you a competitive quote on installation. If we deliver the units ourselves, we'll be happy to show you how to get started on installing the units, giving you the easiest, fastest way to get your system complete, ready for your products. 

We have such a variety of units available, from displaying bulky large items to frozen food, so feel free to call us up on 01455 221512 and we'll be happy to chat to your about your requirements! We look forward to hearing from  you! 

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