Thursday, 7 May 2015

Maximise space available

Do you have a continual headache as to how to cram everything that you want to display into a restricted space? If it is packed on to the shelves the result can be a a precarious pile of goods that teeters dangerously and is a most unwelcoming challenge to the nervous customer who does not want to be seen picking up all the things off the floor….when all she did was look at them! 

Space can be an issue, however there are often unused corners into which we can fit our corner shelving units.  As they come in different depths, heights and widths they can be adjusted to fit into many corners that other shelving units just will not manage.  Instead of leaning products against the wall in the corner the units will provide an efficient and manageable way of utilising otherwise wasted space.  

Although relatively easy to assemble we at Shelving4shops are willing to help you to set them up and will happily advise you as to the best way to incorporate them into the space that you have available.  We know that the competition out there is tough and it makes sense to use all existing space in the most productive but workable way possible.  

Call us on 01455 221512 for help and advice on maximising the space in your shop.

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